Raving Geeks: One Last Time

On this last episode of the semester, we do some reminiscing and discuss Defenders, Wonder Woman, and our spoiler-heavy review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

Intro/Outro: Epic Hero Music - Mikhael Bureau

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep 33: NFL Draft Recap/Goodbye Episode

The guys examine the Lions draft class and give their stud and dud of the sports year as they say goodbye for summer break.

Intro/Outro: The Awakening - Onlap

Podcast 51: Tales of the Weird - Ep 2: Project MK Ultra and the Russian Sleep Experiment

Would you stay awake for 15 days? Do you know what happened at MK Ultra? Tom and Emir talk about the MK Ultra program and the Russian Sleep Experiment.

Intro/Outro: Something Wicked - Ross Bugden

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep 32: NFL Draft Preview

The guys discuss the Lions' draft strategy and give their dream selections for the first round.

Intro/Outro: The Awakening - Onlap

Ring Masters S2 Ep 26: The Finale

On the final episode of Ring Masters, Grant and Jamison go over the week in wrestling and what to expect going into the Payback.

Intro/Outro: Incursion - MachinimaSound

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep 31: Lions' schedule and NBA playoffs

This week the guys talk on the Unsportsmanlike Conduct talk about the lions schedule reveal and predict their season, and we talk about the surprises of the NBA playoffs.

Intro/Outro: The Awakening - Onlap

Raving Geeks: Star Wars Celebration Breakdown

In this episode, the geeks discuss Thor: Ragnarok, Cable's casting, Black Adam, and Star Wars Celebration! Also, Steve hates Fate of the Furious.

Intro/Outro: Epic Hero Music - Mikhael Bureau

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep 30: Return of the Players?

This week on the podcast, the guys talk about the Tigers rather positive start to the season, the surprising news of Miles Bridges return, and if Moritz Wagner and D.J. Wilson should return to school.

Intro/Outro: The Awakening - Onlap

Ring Masters S2 Ep 25: The Shook-Up Cast

Jamison and Grant recap the superstar shake-up on RAW and Smackdown Live and talk major angles going into Payback.

Intro/Outro: Incursion - Machinimasound

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep 29: 2017 Baseball Season Outlook

On the second episode this week, the guys discuss the Detroit Tigers and their chance to compete in the AL Central, plus the rest of the MLB predictions.

Intro/Outro: The Awakening - Onlap

Ring Masters S2 Ep 24: Wrestlemania Recap

Grant and Jamison recap The Ultimate Thrill Ride of Wrestlemania and discuss the many changes that will be coming to WWE television.

Intro/Outro: Incursion - Machinimasound

Raving Geeks: Rick and Morty Strike Back!

In this episode Ben, Noah, and Steve talk Whedon's Batgirl, Star Wars, and Rick and Morty! Also, radioactive cat bites?

Intro/Outro: Epic Hero Music - Mikhael Bureau

Maroon & Bold S3 Ep 23: April Showers Bring Rain Delays

Sports editors Greg Wickliffe & McKenzie Sanderson discuss the baseball & softball teams as well as the gymnastics team after finishing in 6th place at the NCAA Regionals.

Intro/Outro: Sport Planet - Audiomarket

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep 28: NCAA Tournament finale

The guys recap the NCAA Tournament and give a prediction for the National Championship before discussing the futures for Michigan and Michigan State.

Intro/Outro: The Awakening - Onlap

Ring Masters S2 Ep 23: The Wrestlemania Pre-Show

Wrestlemania awaits! Jamison Galloway and Grant Lefaive give you previews and predictions for Sunday.

Intro/Outro: Incursion - Machinimasound

Raving Geeks: Sony's Venom-Verse?!

Noah brings Steve Tieman back to review the news about Sony's ideas for Black Cat/ Venom/ Silver Sable spinoffs , Deadpool 2's casting rumors, the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer, and the Justice League trailer.

Intro/Outro: Epic Hero Music - Mikhael Bureau

Podcast 51: Tales of the Weird - Ep 1: The Mandela Effect

Ever remember something, but in reality it was something different? Hosts Tom Delor and Emir Bankston delve into the mystery surrounding the Mandela Effect.

Intro/Outro: Something Wicked - Ross Bugden

Maroon & Bold S3 Ep 22: Keene Declares for the Draft

Sports editors Greg Wickliffe and McKenzie Sanderson discuss Marcus Keene and Braylon Rayson's big news as well as the softball and baseball teams before they take on Big 10 rival Michigan.

Intro/Outro: Sport Planet - Audiomarket

Netflix Movie Club S1 Ep 18: Iron Fist

Tom and Noah discuss the newest addition to the Defenders, Iron Fist. Action, drama, romance, Iron Fist has it all, but were the critics right? 

Intro/Outro: Vengeance - Max Legend

Unsportsmanlike Conduct S2 Ep 27: Sweet 16 Preview

The Unsportsmanlike Conduct guys preview the Sweet 16, review the Plane Crash Boys, and give the annual stud and dud picks.

Intro/Outro: The Awakening - Onlap