Guest Submissions

CM Life welcomes the contributions of guests interested in submitting opinion-based writing. We offer the following guidelines for guest submissions in hopes of providing a forum for open discussion and debate.

All letters to the editor or guest columns must include a name, address, affiliation (if any) and phone number for verification. Anonymous letters will not be printed, except under extraordinary circumstances.

CM Life reserves the right to edit all letters and columns for style, length, libel, redundancy, clarity, civility and accuracy.

Letters should be no more than 450 words in length. Longer, guest columns may be submitted but must remain under 850 words. Published versions may be shorter than the original submission.

CM Life reserves the right to print any original content as a letter or guest column. Please allow up to five days for a staff response, which will include an expected date of publication.

Submission does not guarantee publication.

Further questions regarding guest submissions may be directed to