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LETTER: Voters bear big responsibility during election season

(09/05/12 11:30am)

Thanks, Central Michigan Life Editorial Board for your great editorial on Friday. We agree, the media should fact check political claims, and we also agree that too often, they merely report what they hear, as if “journalistic neutrality” required them to keep a straight face. In that climate, “truthiness” wins out over truth, manipulation over evidence, and emotion over reason.

LETTER: New flawed in many ways

(04/04/12 12:00pm)

Regarding Monday’s article “Delay in redesign will not cost CMU more than contracted $550,000,” there are a number of errors of fact. “The delay in the Central Michigan University website redesign will not cost the university more than its contracted $550,000, Vice President for Information Technology Roger Rehm said last week.” Roger lied; the delay has cost more than the contracted amount. Just because the work is being done by CMU staff instead of consultants, it doesn’t mean that it has no cost. “Initially tabbed for an August launch, the project was delayed after the number of pages needed to be migrated bloomed above 50,000,” the story said. The delay wasn’t caused by an increase in the number of pages that needed to be migrated. The incompetent running the project failed to learn the true scope of what was involved before the contract was signed. As it turned out, large numbers of pages that were to be migrated were actually not migrated, as Blue Chip wasn’t prepared to deal with dynamic pages. Much of the work that they were to do was dumped off onto various I.T. staff throughout the university, causing delays in other projects. “One of the key aspects of relaunch will be Central Link, a new and improved version of the CMU Portal, where students will be able to access grades, Blackboard and email, among other options," the story said. CentralLink may be new, but it’s far from an improved portal. It’s a terrible design in many ways. The most glaring deficiency is indicated by the training video that eats up much of the page. A portal that requires training to use is inherently flawed; it should be intuitive for anyone who has basic web browsing experience.