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COLUMN: Michigan Film Office boosts the industry this state needs and deserves

(08/28/15 12:34pm)

When “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” premieres March 25, I will be able to say I was fortunate enough to see how it was made by working on-set as an extra.Unfortunately, it was one of the last movies that received support from the state before our legislators gutted the Michigan Film Office.We need to support the film industry in Michigan.

​COLUMN: When did everybody forget the definition of freedom?

(04/09/15 9:13pm)

People seem to take their freedoms for granted here in the U.S., which I find both hilarious and frightening.When we speak about foreign affairs, we wave the stars and stripes, beat our chests and proclaim to the masses we’re oozing with the kind of freedom other countries wished they had.When it comes to domestic freedoms, the attitude seems a bit out of place.How many stories have you heard about a person or a group proclaiming their freedom of speech is being infringed only for you to look at their case and agree with the silencing forces?It seems everyone has forgotten that the first amendment was not created to protect favorable or popular speech; it was created to protect the outliers, the unfavorable rabble-rousers and the folks who were mad as hell and weren't going to take it anymore.The neo-Nazi offering hateful pamphlets on a street corner has the same amount of protection as a local resident peppering his lawn with political campaign signs.However, unless you’re from the homeowners association, not many people will ask the government to do something about the resident and all his awful signs.Disagreeing with or not liking what is being said has not nor has it ever be an acceptable excuse for squashing a person’s right to speak freely.A recent example, Northern Michigan University administrators and The North Wind’s board of directors went full stupid and voted not to rehire the paper’s faculty adviser or hire the only candidate for editor-in-chief for the terrible sin of wanting to push real news.If you don’t let a newspaper pursue stories as they see fit, be it aggressively or otherwise, you end up with non-important fluff in the paper that could only be improved upon by offering readers a free coloring book if they take a selfie and tweet it hashtag “readingdatnews.”The University of Michigan canceled, and then within 24 hours uncanceled, a screening of “American Sniper” after several hundred students protested it saying it did not fit with the university’s core beliefs.The group could have easily protested at the screening to get its message across, or encouraged other students not to go.

Responsibility in the wake of tragedy

(03/31/15 10:12pm)

I was with students, emergency responders, and university officials when the Isabella County Dive Team pulled Michael Hartnett's body from the water.We stood on a line of police tape together until the sun went down, grappling with confusion, fear and the hollow numbness that comes with realizing a young man lost his life on our campus.Today's issue of Central Michigan Life brings back all of those feelings and I do not expect it to be an easy read for anyone at Central Michigan University.As the reporter covering this from the beginning I just want to say one thing to the family and friends of Michael Hartnett.

COLUMN: You're in Michigan; drive like it

(02/15/15 10:30pm)

While Mount Pleasant receives considerably less snow on average than some other Michigan cities, it still remains a difficult place to drive for about four months out of the year.Sure, the sparkling, sticky snow is pretty to look at as it falls outside your window at night, but what about the next morning when you have ten minutes to get to class and forgot to brush it off your car?

COLUMN: Textbook tips for savvy students

(01/20/15 11:45pm)

It’s textbook season once again, and many of us are reluctantly clicking on to the CMU Bookstore website to find out just what the damage will be this semester.After seven semesters of book-buying, I would call myself an expert necessarily, but I have developed a few habits and tricks that make paying for my education a little less bank-breaking.Disclaimer: If you are a student in any of the medical or hard science fields, there’s not much I can do for you.

COLUMN: Gaps in CMUPD, University Communications are a concern for all

(11/18/14 11:45pm)

Weeks ago, a family member of a professor walked into Pearce Hall, started an altercation with the professor in front of frightened and confused students, and proceeded to utter the words – according to Central Michigan University Police – “do I have to go get a gun and shoot everyone in the room?” CMUPD officers found the 70-year-old man within minutes outside of the building in his vehicle, searching him immediately for a weapon.