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Triple major musician sees relationship between art and science

(12/02/15 2:38pm)

Despite her motivation to take on three majors, Kelsey Mankel said her biggest challenge is mastering playing the oboe.“The oboe is a tricky instrument, because you can’t have expectations about it; dynamics, quality, shape, material and even weather deeply influence its sound,” she said. While playing the oboe in the marching band, symphonic ensemble and other music groups, Mankel has a major in psychology, neuroscience and music.“They all involve the brain in its different parts and shades.

Lab gives students access to 3D printers

(10/23/15 9:05am)

The robotic noise of 30 3D printers could be heard Thursday at the grand opening of the MakerBot Innovation Center.“I’m very excited, this is an opportunity for students to completely rethink the way they develop garments and accessories for sale to fashion marketing,” said fashion merchandising and design professor, Michael Mamp, who teaches 3D Printing in Fashion (FMD 565).Financial sponsorship and collaboration between the College of Communication and Fine Arts, the College of Education and Human Services and the Provost and President’s office supported the large-scale 3D printing operation located in Wightman Hall room 143.

Art exhibit offers new take on gender

(10/16/15 8:04am)

In the exhibit “Gender,” currently on display in the University Art Gallery, everything from photographs of androgynous models in various stages of undress, to a looped video of a woman pricking herself on a cactus is on display.The exhibit opened Thursday, featuring ten artists from the United States, Canada and South Korea made art for the exhibit under the theme of gender identity, masculinity, femininity and transgenderism.Among the art on display was a series of glass cases that contained various dieting books for young women, with a sign along the bottom that read “In case of emergency, break glass”. There was also a painting of two male models with the words “THIS IS AMERICA” printed across their sculpted abs asked the viewer, “Which word do you emphasize?” The front of the gallery featured the work of Catherine Forster, who said her work was inspired by her 13-year-old transgender daughter. “This is the age where a lot of individuals come out,” Forster said.

Homecoming events to welcome alumni, engage students

(10/01/15 2:38am)

Alumni will take over the student radio station, WMHW-FM 91.5, all weekend for 48 hours from midnight Friday until Midnight Saturday for the 16th annual Alumni Takeover.Brianne Tucker is one of the alumni who is more recently graduated that will be on the air for the takeover this weekend.Tucker is currently a University of Farmers Brand Ambassador in Grand Rapids, and graduated from CMU's Broadcast and Cinematic Arts college in 2004."I'm not one of those people who wishes they were still a college student, I like my life now," Tucker said.

Behind the scenes of a theatre production

(09/24/15 11:22am)

For every actor on stage during a theatre production, there are probably two to four other people who have worked on the production that people never see, said Director of University Theatre Steve Berglund. He said there were about 200 students involved in University Theatre productions last year and those 200 students filled 500 positions because of the number of people it takes to put on shows.“What’s really cool about theatre is how many people are involved in telling a story,” said Grayling senior Damon Hunter.