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American Studies certificate undergoing curricular process; may be an option in 16-17 bulletin

(11/15/15 3:47pm)

A certificate in American Studies may be available for students in Fall 2016. American Studies is an interdisciplinary field that includes courses from political science, geography, history, english, religion, art, music, anthropology, sociology and inter-departmental courses to give students an in-depth look at American from an academic perspective, said College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences Associate Dean Tim Hall."There was a strong demand (for the program) among international students," Hall said.

English Language Institute grows with international student population

(10/14/15 10:53pm)

The international student population at Central Michigan University has doubled since 2009. Of the 1175 international students on campus, 444 are currently taking courses in english competency to adapt to CMU's curriculum.These courses, offered by the English Language Institute, are intended to acclimate non-english speaking students to the language so that it is possible for them to take courses."The English Language Institute is for students who have not met the university's language proficiency and need a little more language support before they can take academic classes," said Assistant Director Caitlin Hamstra.Students are placed into one of five levels according to their english needs, Hamstra said. The basic level is for students with virtually no english experience.

Preserving our unwritten history

(04/21/15 10:00pm)

Some Central Michigan University history will never be contained in a plaque or textbook. Stories of using cafeteria trays for sleds and studying in fear of being drafted are ones best told by word of mouth.CMU students in history faculty Brittany Fremion's HST 585: Oral History course spent the semester capturing the experiences of alumni for the Museum of Cultural and Natural History.

Panelists discuss pros and cons of Michigan road tax initiative

(04/20/15 10:37pm)

Students and community members received an education at the Girffin Policy Forum Monday on Proposal 15-1, which would increase various state taxes to address the state of Michigan's roads.This proposal, which will be voted on by the public May 5, will cost approximately $2 billion, which will add an additional cent to Michigan's six-cent sales tax, which would make Michigan the state with the highest sales tax next to California The panel was comprised of legislative assistant John Lamacchia, Retired Chairman and CEO of Ross Medical Education Center Paul Mitchell, Central Michigan University economics faculty Jason Taylor, Director of State Affairs for the Michigan Municipal League Chris Hackbarth and managing editor and state capitol bureau chief of Michigan Public Radio Rick Pluta, who moderated the debate.The panel was described as "lively" by Dean of The College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences Pam Gates."

Who do you think you are?

(02/15/15 11:14am)

For centuries, personality tests have been used to determine the temperament of the individual.  But the reliability of these tests, and the history behind them, is still a question.Third-year graduate student Seth Courre`ge` (sorry I don't know how to do the accent above e) led a discussion in the Veterans Memorial Library Thursday night on the history and usage of personality tests.