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What you need to know: Republican debate in Detroit

(03/03/16 1:18pm)

Two days after Donald Trump won seven states on Super Tuesday and less than a week before Michigan's presidential primary election, the Republican presidential candidates are headed to Detroit for the 11th debate of the campaign.Here's what you need to know.WHATThe Republican presidential candidates will meet in historic Fox Theatre in Detroit for 11th debate. Hosted by Fox News, the debate will begin at 9 p.m.

Republican candidates promote social change, strong military

(02/28/16 8:44pm)

With the upcoming presidential election, both Republican and Democrats are narrowing down their choices for who will represent their party for the November election.The Republican side has been stirred up by political outsider Donald Trump, who has been strong in polls since the beginning of the campaign.For the Republican Party there are five possible nominees, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and John Kasich.“The millenials, this group of kids, will be the first in history to have a vote that can outweigh the baby boomers,” said Jayne Strachan, political science faculty member.

Gov. Snyder proposes restoration of higher education funding to 2011 levels

(02/10/16 12:43pm)

Gov. Rick Snyder announced today that his 2017 budget proposal recommends restoring funding for Michigan's 15 public universities to what it was in 2011, the year before he took office and cut higher education funding by 15 percent.Snyder proposed investing an additional 4.3 percent, or $61.2 million, in state university operations.

SGA fills eight of 14 seats in the Senate

(01/26/16 12:07pm)

The first Student Government Association meeting of the spring semester welcomed eight new Senators to the Senate Monday night.Austin Blessing, Rahul Gopireddy, Bailey Gashton, Jackie Smith, Shayna Haynes-Heard, Boomer Wingard, Kyle Norman and Dan Duong were elected after giving minute long speeches and answering two questions from the audience as to why they were qualified to fill the open Senate seats.Six seats still remain open."We had individuals come up after (the election) who, because of some miss communication, wanted to run but didn't," said SGA President Chuck Mahone.

Student political groups react to lack of higher education in State of the State address

(01/20/16 12:00am)

LANSING -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder's annual State of the State address Tuesday night was filled with controversy over the Flint water crisis and reaction from political pundits and statewide voters is varied. Snyder's supporters are calling his apology for the state's role in the disaster, while democratic representatives from Michigan are calling for a further investigation into his administration's systemic mishandling handling of the issue. At Central Michigan University, politically-concerned students are weighing in, too. "Governor Snyder did say he was going to make it an unusual State of the State," said Tommy Berry, Vice President of the College Democrats at CMU.

Cotter addresses cost of higher education, disillusionment of young voters

(01/19/16 12:52pm)

It looked like a solution to road funding issues was close to being finally passed by a divided state legislature.State House Speaker Kevin Cotter said a version of the plan passed by House Republicans last week was the closest the legislature had come to agreeing on how to raise the $1.2 billion needed to fix Michigan's crumbling infrastructure.

Refund of $32 million to be reinvested into endowment fund

(10/01/15 1:20pm)

A 19-year error made by the state in assessing pension fund payments means Central Michigan University is receiving $32 million from the Michigan Office of Retirement Services.Six other universities received one-time payments to correct the error on Wednesday, including Western Michigan University, $24.2 million, Ferris State University, $18.6 million, Michigan Technological University, $11.7 million, Northern Michigan University, $9 million, Lake Superior State University and Eastern Michigan University.

Judge denies summary disposition requests in Levitt case

(09/02/15 6:00pm)

Todd Levitt is a step closer to having his day in court after Isabella County Chief Judge Paul Chamberlain made a decision on several motions in an ongoing libel suit filed by the Mount Pleasant attorney.Levitt filed a civil lawsuit on April 23 against Lisa Yanick-Jonaitis, local newspaper The Morning Sun, the paper's parent company Digital First Media, CMU College of Business professors James Felton and Kenneth Sanney and attorney Gordon Bloem, as well as others yet to be identified who are listed as John or Jane Doe.

City to add more code enforcement to student-populated areas

(06/29/15 1:03pm)

At a recent City Commission meeting, commissioners unanimously voted to have an additional code enforcement officer to work in student-populated neighborhoods.The recommendation came from City Manager Nancy Ridley, who said another officer would help build the city's relationship with students and their compliance with regulations on outdoor trash and partying.Ridley said the need for extra enforcement comes from concerns of Mount Pleasant residents who live close to the M-2 district.