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CMU for Semjong: Nepalese student provides relief after earthquake

(09/20/15 12:18pm)

On April 25, a an earthquake that tipped the Richter scale at 7.8 devastated Nepal. This earthquake left 9,000 dead and 23,000 injured, triggering a series of aftershocks that continue to pose a threat to Nepal and parts of India, China and Bangladesh.But these were not just numbers to Central Michigan graduate student Shanker Tamang. Tamang, who grew up in Semjong village, a day's travel from Kathmandu, was studying molecular biology at CMU when he heard the news.(quote)Tamang rallied for support within the CMU community.

Ross presents strategic planning goals, retention and graduation rates

(09/17/15 3:02pm)

A report on the second year of Central Michigan University's strategic planning priorities initiatives and metrics showed only 21 percent of incoming freshmen graduate in four years.University President George Ross briefed the CMU Board of Trustees on performance of last year's goals in the strategic plan and presented goals for 2016. The goals are based on five priorities approved by the board in 2012: student success, research and creative activity, quality faculty and staff, community partnerships and infrastructure stewardship."The idea is being able to measure progress, positive or negative, toward our strategic priorities," Ross said.

Police to continue Welcome Weekend-level enforcement during big event weekends

(09/14/15 9:02pm)

Students can expect Welcome Weekend-level police enforcement during all of Central Michigan University's big event weekends. At tonight's Mount Pleasant City Commission meeting, Mount Pleasant Police Captain Paul Lauria presented feedback to commissioners regarding student behavior during Welcome Weekend. He said police implemented plans to deal with behavior, including large crowds, ordinance violations, trash and fireworks.

EDITORIAL: Let's talk, not argue

(09/13/15 10:21pm)

This summer, City Commissioners took actions to address common complaints made by residents who share their neighborhoods with students north of campus.They did so while most of Central Michigan University's student population returned home or left Mount Pleasant, demonstrating a lack of communication that has fostered contempt between the two groups for decades.During those meetings, the city commission approved several changes that will directly affect students – including hiring an additional code enforcement officer to police a student-populated zone known as the M-2 district.Those decisions were reached during a time of the year when few students were able participate in public discussions at open meetings.

Students petition for total statewide legalization of marijuana

(09/13/15 9:15pm)

Student Advocates for the Medical and Responsible Use of Cannabis are collecting signatures for a proposal that would legalize marijuana for recreational purposes within the state of Michigan.The proposal, known as the Michigan Marihuana Legalization, Regulation and Economic Stimulus Act, would allow adults age 21 and above to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana and to privately grow 12 marijuana plants, while giving state and local governments flexibility on regulation.

Balancing the burden: students feel pressure by tuition increases

(09/10/15 11:58am)

As the price of tuition increases every year, students are still willing to pay the price for a college education even though most can agree that it’s too high for everyone to consider attending CMU as a viable option. Central Michigan Life asked students how they felt about the price of tuition.“I think (the tuition price is) annoying,” said Taylor sophomore Theron Logan.