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CMU officials to begin search for replacement CCFA dean

(05/19/14 1:27pm)

With College of Communications and Fine Arts Dean Salma Ghanem announcing her resignation from her position at Central Michigan University, university officials must now embark on the task of finding a suitable replacement. For Provost Michael Gealt, the search to replace an academic administrator as respected as Ghanem will not be an easy task. "It will be difficult to replace Salma because of her many soft skills that she brought with her, aside from the valuable academic skills she has," Gealt said. Earlier this week, Ghanem accepted a dean's position in the College of Communication at DePaul University in Chicago. She made her department aware of her departure in an email sent out mid-day Monday. In the email, Ghanem expressed her love for the college she served for nearly five years.

Professor 'regretful' for intoxication on campus, takes leave of absence

(03/18/14 11:58pm)

Students in professor Sean Baker's journalism classes were notified by email Monday that he would not be teaching for the next two weeks. Baker told Central Michigan Life that he was taking a "personal leave of absence due to ongoing health issues." "On Saturday (March 1), I went up to work after having a few margaritas," Baker said.

School of Music's OPUS hosted in Grand Rapids

(03/04/14 11:58pm)

An annual fundraiser for the Central Michigan University School of Music is changing locations this year. OPUS XVII will be hosted on April 5 in Grand Rapids rather than the traditional on-campus event. "We're reaching out to alumni in the Grand Rapids area," said John Jacobson, director of music events."Traditionally, (OPUS) is done in the School of Music.

Advertising, social work programs get boost from provost assessment incentive award

(02/06/14 11:58pm)

Johnny Sparks spent a year assessing the journalism department and its concentration in advertising for program retention, graduation and job placement. His year of data collection paid off with a $5,000 award from the Provost's Office that will be matched by the College of Communication and Fine Arts. "Assessment has, in the past, presented a challenge to our department," said Sparks, a journalism faculty member.

EDITORIAL: Evaluting the big picture

(01/17/14 7:37am)

The impact of decreased enrollment is beginning to make its mark on Central Michigan University. As the College of Communication and Fine Arts, and specifically the art department, struggles amid a shrinking revenue stream, the effect of fewer students on campus is becoming clear – and it should come as no surprise. For years, CMU has anticipated declining revenue, stemming from a decrease in student credit hours. In July, the university announced an anticipated 5 to 7-percent decrease in undergraduate enrollment, reflected by an estimated $18 million budget deficit. Although the original estimate was announced to not be as steep as originally calculated, CMU still faces a $15 million revenue reduction from last year. It’s a storm that’s long been looming on the horizon, and the art department appears to be feeling it first. While the credit hour enrollment within the art department has displayed decreasing student participation, this year marked a 32-percent decrease in undergraduate enrollment within the department. However, the impact is being softened due to proactive steps being made by the department.

CHSBS and CCFA taking largest student credit hour decreases

(10/02/13 7:00am)

Each college within Central Michigan University has seen a decline in student credit hours this year as a result of freshman enrollment figures dropping significantly. Among colleges taking the biggest hit is the College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences, which saw the largest decline in student credit hours from last year. “Given that the CHSBS is responsible for two competency courses in English and a significant number of University Program courses, it is reasonable that we would feel the impact in the drop in freshman enrollment,” Dean Pamela Gates said.

Employees pledge $892,503 at University Campaign, marking third-highest drive ever for CMU

(04/08/13 7:30am)

Central Michigan University's current and former employees pledged $892,503 for the 2012 Annual University Campaign, the third-highest total donation in school history. The College of Business Administration was the recipient of two of the seven AUC awards last week during the campaign luncheon. CBA pledged the most money by a college with more than 100 employees at $150,787 and received the highest participation by a college of the same size with 50-percent participation. “I think what (the awards) really say is we’re pretty invested in our efforts here in the College of Business and across campus,” said Sandy Sommer, director of development for the CBA.

Advertising major approved; combination of journalism, marketing classes

(04/08/12 5:03pm)

Central Michigan University students can now join the multi-billion dollar advertising industry fully armed with an advertising major, as it was approved two weeks ago. The major is a combination of journalism and marketing designated classes. Starting July 1, the new bulletin will allow students the opportunity to officially sign an advertising major, allowing CMU to be on a level playing field with other institutions that offer the major, including Western Michigan University, Wayne State University, Michigan State University, Ferris State University and Eastern Michigan University. Journalism Professor Doug Berry said the whole curriculum approval process took about two and half years.

Kal Penn delivers Asian Pacific American Heritage month keynote speech

(04/05/12 10:45pm)

Television and film star and former White House employee Kal Penn delivered the Asian Pacific American Heritage month keynote speech Thursday night, giving details about his acting experience and work in Washington, D.C. Penn, who has starred in films such as the "Harold and Kumar" series, the "Van Wilder" series and "The Namesake," as well as television shows "How I Met Your Mother" and "House M.D.," spoke about his early career as an actor, education and experience working as Associate Director at the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Kal Penn to cost CMU $30,000 as keynote speaker

(04/03/12 5:52pm)

Actor and keynote speaker Kal Penn will be paid $30,000 as a guest of Central Michigan University for Asian Pacific American Heritage month. CMU will be responsible for his first-class airfare, hotel stay and transportation, according to documents obtained by Central Michigan Life under a Freedom of Information Act request. Penn, 34, will be speaking twice to open audiences, first at 7:30 p.m.

BCA approves motion of no confidence in University President George Ross, Provost Gary Shapiro and board of trustees

(03/22/12 6:00pm)

The School of Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts has drafted its own resolution of no confidence in university administration, targeting University President George Ross, Provost Gary Shapiro and the Central Michigan University Board of Trustees. The resolution, passed by the department during a March 13 department meeting, cites a lack of public notice on university projects, inadequate representation by the president and provost, and injurious financial and academic implications for CMU.

Actor, former White House staffer Kal Penn to speak at CMU

(03/13/12 6:45pm)

The Multicultural Academic Services has invited actor Kal Penn to Central Michigan University as a keynote speaker during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 2012. Penn, 34, is known for his role as Kumar in the "Harold and Kumar" franchise, as well as appearances on "How I Met your Mother" and "House M.D." Along with his acting background, Penn has been busy working in politics and teaching. After volunteering for President Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign, he held the title of Associate Director at the White House Office of Public Engagement from 2009 to 2011. Penn also taught two classes in Asian-Americans pop culture and history of teen movies at the University of Pennsylvania. The Montclair, N.J., native will speak about his acting career at 9 a.m.

Faculty demonstrates against university outside showcases in Warriner Hall, Music Building

(07/08/11 2:28pm)

The university’s alleged position table is a “regression” and “insult” for faculty members contracts, faculty members said at demonstrations today. The university reportedly offered a pay freeze for all faculty, a 15- to 20-percent reduction in health contributions and removal of department chairs, coaches and librarians from the Faculty Association.