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Biology, health departments concerned with university collaboration over CMED

(02/03/12 8:00am)

Concerns about collaboration efforts with the developing College of Medicine are growing within the university's Physician Assistant Program and Department of Biology. As CMED faces a decision based on an evaluation from the Liason Committee on Medical Education for preliminary accreditation, the related academic departments hope to be better incorporated in the university's decision-making process in the future. Ahmad Hakemi, director of the Physician Assistant Program, said he will meet to provide input with CMED officials Thursday, the first time in more than two years. "Recently, there has been an effort for us to be included to see what's happening and closely collaborate," Hakemi said.

Political science department endorses A-Senate vote of no confidence

(01/23/12 8:00am)

The Central Michigan University Department of Political Science has joined the two other academic departments to endorse the Academic Senate's vote of no confidence against University President George Ross and Provost Gary Shapiro. The vote, which was passed by a 52-percent majority at the Academic Senate's Dec.

Some faculty members unhappy with ratified contract

(01/17/12 7:55pm)

Faculty members are sharing mixed emotions after the Central Michigan University Faculty Association ratified its new contract Thursday. While most faculty members denied comment Tuesday, the few that made statements were unhappy with the ultimate result of the contract and see a long road ahead before relations on campus will return to normal. James Hill, a professor of political science, is among those who feel the relationship between the union and administration is severely damaged. Both sides bargained for more than seven months, dating back to the summer, before finally coming to an agreement last week.

YEAR IN REVIEW #3: College of Medicine still less than halfway to fundraising goal

(01/09/12 10:03am)

The year 2011 came and went, and the Central Michigan University College of Medicine is still at less than its stated fundraising goal. About 50 percent of an initial $25 million has been raised thus far, said Kathy Wilbur, Vice President of Development and External Relations, at the CMED Board of Trustees committee meeting in early December. Provost Gary Shapiro said in an email to the campus community on Nov.

EDITORIAL: No confidence in Ross, Shapiro

(01/09/12 8:00am)

The Academic Senate acknowledged the disillusioned mood of our campus and community in its resolution stating its loss of confidence in University President George Ross and Provost Gary Shapiro. Ross was lauded for his financial expertise when hired, but over the course of his tenure the financial state of the university has gone from healthy, if uncertain, to confused and troubling. Many confusing statements have emerged on the financial standing of this university as Ross and other administrators stressed to employees the need for "shared sacrifice" and how Michigan is going through a rough economic time. That's difficult to accept when CMU increases its operating budget significantly year after year.

Increased startup cost for CMED realized in October, earmarked for 'research and clinical components'

(01/09/12 7:45am)

Some Central Michigan University administrators knew they needed to increase the startup cost for the College of Medicine about a month before it was released to the campus community, but did not know how much. "It was realized in mid-October that additional funding would be needed to address the research and clinical components for the startup of CMED," founding CMED Dean Ernest Yoder said in an email.

Faculty share concerns about CMED at Trustee-Faculty Liaison Committee meeting Wednesday

(12/07/11 9:15pm)

Concerns from faculty members about the College of Medicine and the most recent Academic Senate meeting were shared at Wednesday’s Board of Trustees-Faculty Liaison Committee meeting. CMED Dean Ernest Yoder gave a presentation about CMED’s planning and funding at Tuesday’s Academic Senate meeting. “CMED began funding in the 2008 school year,” said Provost Gary Shapiro.

Fundraising for CMED still halfway complete, LCME will take accreditation vote in Feb.

(12/07/11 5:37pm)

Fundraising for CMED remains about halfway complete with 50.57 percent of $25 million raised thus far. The funds raised for CMED's development will be divided up into three areas: facilities, scholarship and operations, Vice President of Development and External Relations Kathy Wilbur said. Wilbur said over $5.4 million of the $15 million goal has been raised toward the school's Mount Pleasant and Saginaw facilities, about $5.8 million of the $8 million goal toward scholarship has been collected and $1.3 million has been raised for operations, which the committee hopes to designate $2 million for. "As I mentioned, there is one land gift," Wilbur said.

EDITORIAL: Who will hold CMED accountable?

(12/02/11 9:30am)

The College of Medicine has asked for a lot from Central Michigan University: Funds until they can be reimbursed by donations, patience, special consideration for contract concerns and well-paid staff for a not-yet-profitable program, to name a few. But there is one very important thing it has not given in return. Accountability. Accountability does not allow for an announcement of $5 million more in upfront costs and an estimated additional $3 million more yearly to be appended to the end of a press release sent out on a Friday afternoon — sneaking the figures into the public record mere days before those numbers would be presented to an international accreditation organization. Accountability does not allow research costs — obviously a substantial concern for a graduate school at a public university — to be either forgotten or de-emphasized in initial estimates. It does not allow a provost, who said in a talk with Central Michigan Life’s editorial board he was dedicating “50 percent” of his time to CMED, to neglect said figures. CMED does require a great degree of oversight, but if a program receiving such a large share of his attention is allowed to play so fast and loose with financing, it's concerning to think what may be happening with programs receiving much smaller fractions of his time. The Academic Senate has made efforts to establish greater transparency regarding CMED, particularly in terms of curriculum and finance, but they have been unable to establish an open, cooperative relationship.

WITH VIDEO: Yoder presents to A-Senate, will talk finances next week

(11/30/11 8:50am)

Academic Senate November 29 from CMLifeVideo on Vimeo. The plan for Central Michigan University’s College of Medicine has been laid out before the Academic Senate. In the first of a series of presentations, Ernest Yoder, founding dean of CMED, explained the mission and future challenges facing CMED at the A-Senate meeting Tuesday. The philosophy of the curriculum is patient-centered care, Yoder said.