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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: In response to deaf student's difficulties, UTF pay freeze, 'fracking' protest

(02/27/12 7:45am)

Disheartened by CMU's reaction to deaf student I wanted to express my appreciation to Central Michigan Life for recently featuring the article about oppression and discrimination against Kelly Laatsch, a Deaf elementary education senior. I learned about this situation a few months ago and as an alumna of the class of 1997, I cannot express enough my disappointment in my alma mater.

LETTER: The SGA Senate dilemma

(02/24/12 7:15am)

Monday night was not a good evening for senators, or for their legislation. After exiting a general board meeting that lasted just over an hour, senators rushed to their meeting room and readied themselves for the tense debate that was about to come for a controversial piece of legislation that had been postponed from the previous meeting: the “Recognition of the Take Back The Tap” bill. Since I started my role as senator last fall semester, I knew how hard it was for controversial bills like these to pass in the senate.

LETTER: Catholic Church contraception issues are a Constitutional issue

(02/22/12 7:15am)

The past month has pushed major social issues such as abortion and contraceptives to the forefront of political debate. Two weeks ago, President Barack Obama presented a “compromise” to the Catholic Church in regard to the HHS mandate for all insurance plans to pay for contraceptives. The compromise is laughable; merely an accounting gimmick. Under the “new” plan, Catholic schools, hospitals and charities will still be forced to purchase insurance plans that cover contraceptives. HHS’s mandate covers all FDA-approved contraceptives, including morning after pills and sterilization.

LETTER: Preventative health care including birth control should be a right for women

(02/13/12 7:05am)

I want to thank Emily Grove for her piece on the birth control debate. As the President of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood on campus I have seen countless women unable to afford their birth control every month because their insurance did not cover their co-pays, some paying between $30 to $60 a month. I was one of these women once too, and I think that preventative health care is a right that every woman deserves.

LETTER: Effective, timely funding for transportation

(02/03/12 7:15am)

We like to joke about Michigan only having two seasons, winter and construction, but if you drive often you know that our roads are in bad shape. Over time this erosion of city streets and freeways causes wear and tear on vehicles that ends up costing drivers a lot of money. We joke about the orange barrels, but the truth is, we need to invest in fixing our roads, and we need to invest in putting Michigan’s construction workers back on the job.

LETTER: Reminder to men's basketball team

(01/25/12 7:15am)

History has shown that in collegiate basketball it isn’t uncommon for underclassman to not only contribute, but help lead the team. Nor, is it peculiar to see small schools qualify for the national tournament and gain national media exposure valuable to both the school’s overall notoriety and vital for players who aspire to play in the big city lights of the NBA. The performance that was on display last Wednesday was simply unacceptable for a team that still has the potential to put Central Michigan University sports on the national stage, a stage we miss, a stage where CMU can, and needs to be. Thomas Myers Grosse Ile junior

LETTER: An invitation to learn

(11/28/11 9:10am)

The department of foreign languages, literatures and cultures strongly supports Central Michigan University’s mission statement encouraging the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom as well as preparing students for responsible citizenship in a global society. For this reason, while we realize that Associate Professor of Journalism Timothy Boudreau had the right to bring controversial Rev.