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Greek step show attracts about 150 students Monday

(10/11/11 11:00am)

A crowd of about 150 students gathered in front of the Towers residence halls late Monday night to watch a Greek step show. The fraternities and sororities of the National Pan-Hellenic Council hosted the yard show at Central Michigan University. Alpha Phi Alpha began the step show wearing their fraternity colors of black and gold and yelling their chants.

Business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi members keep busy while living together

(09/06/11 2:38am)

Business and brotherhood are more important than fun and games for professional fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. The fraternity is concerned with getting jobs for its members and having a place for them to hang out. "Everyone's good friends, and you really learn a lot of things," said Sterling Heights freshman Mike Panone, who lives in the fraternity house. Living in the fraternity house is another way the members get the most out of their experience. The house, 905 S.

UPDATE: More information becoming available on Lambda Chi Alpha suspension

(09/03/11 5:55pm)

More information is becoming available after CMU's chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha had its charter suspended for four years on Friday. The suspension of the fraternity chapter, which had been located at Deerfield Village Apartments, 3400 Deerfield Road, came after an undisclosed incident Monday, but in an email from Alumni President Ryan Collins to Lambda Chi alumni, Collins said the incident involved students unaffiliated with the fraternity and their use of alcohol. "What allegedly happened was, there was an incident regarding alcohol during an event at the house.

Lambda Chi Alpha charter suspended for four years after undisclosed incident

(09/03/11 10:55am)

The Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity's charter is suspended for four years following an incident at their residence Monday night. The suspension of the fraternity chapter, which had been located at Deerfield Village Apartments, 3400 Deerfield Road, came after an undisclosed incident Monday. "This decision was not made by the national fraternity, but by CMU," said an email to members and alumni of the fraternity. As of Friday, Lambda Chi Alpha members are inactive and Ryan Collins, alumni president, called the charter's revocation a "terrible incident." Because decisions are still being made he couldn't comment directly on what happened Monday. "We are working hard to make amends and correct the issue," he said. Isabella County Undersheriff John Tellis said no police report was filed Monday regarding the fraternity and Isabella County Central Dispatch officials said no calls were made to police regarding the fraternity. Collins said the incident was handled by CMU's Office of Student Life in conjuction with the Greek Juidicial Board.

WITH VIDEO: Not many students attend tailgate outside Kelly/Shorts Stadium, Main Street

(09/01/11 7:47pm)

"Tailgate today looked like an empty parking lot, exactly how it looks during the school day," said Taylor senior Deanna Celsi while tailgating Thursday night. Celsi said she was surprised by how few people turned out to tailgate outside Kelly/Shorts Stadium before the Central Michigan University football team took on South Carolina State in the first home game of the season. "CMU used to be known for its tailgate and every group on campus was represented — now, there's no one here," Celsi said.

Greek Week 'Finch Field Games' benefits student-founded non-profit

(04/07/11 9:12pm)

Central Michigan University graduate Casey Smith has seen large improvements in his non-profit organization Cleat Repeat after its creation last spring. The organization collects new and used sports equipment to benefit underprivileged youth involved in sports, who otherwise could not afford the costs. In an effort to continue campus support for the organization, Casey got in touch with sororities and fraternities to benefit Cleat Repeat at Greek Week's Finch Field Games.

Christian fraternity presents first hip-hop concert, hopes to show different ways to demonstrate faith

(03/21/11 1:14pm)

Central Michigan University's Gamma Phi Delta Christian fraternity wants to expand on the ways students can worship. The fraternity is hosting its first hip-hop concert 7 to 10 p.m. Friday, March 25 in the Bovee University Center Rotunda. Gamma Phi Delta president and Detroit junior JJ Jones said the concert has been a year in planning.

What Friends are For: Sigma Sigma Sigma helps five-year-old girl make bracelets to benefit friend

(10/20/10 5:15am)

Five-year-old Libby Olson wants to do everything she can to help out her best friend Daisy Higgins. Daisy, also 5, was recently diagnosed with a rare blood disorder that attacks her right cheek bone, said Crystal Olson, Libby’s mother. She said Daisy needs to go to Lansing every week for chemotherapy.