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SGA president Justin Gawronski: Fight against academic calendar 'definitely not over'

(02/01/13 8:00am)

Student Government Association President Justin Gawronski said Thursday night the fight against the academic calendar change is not over after the Academic Senate vote came up short. "We are still working out our options, but the fight definitely isn't over," Gawronski said in an email.

SGA to continue fight against academic calendar change, wants polling stations on campus Justin Gawronski says

(11/27/12 5:51pm)

Student Government Association President and Macomb junior Justin Gawronski is planning to pursue several changes as he finishes his term as SGA President. In a sitdown with Central Michigan Life on Monday, Gawronski mentioned possible motions to make the Campus Ambassador a paid position and to also start talking with school and government officials to pursue making polling stations on campus, where students can vote on local, state and national elections and amendments. With the SGA's presidential elections taking place in March, presidents often attempt to pursue major legislation in the second semester, as to allow students to vote for the legislation alongside presidential candidates.

SGA aims to re-evaluate SOS forms, consider putting them online and require more specific answers

(11/16/12 8:00am)

The Academic Affairs committee of the Student Government Association is attempting to completely reconstruct the surveys used to evaluate teachers at the end of the semester. The reconstruction will change two aspects of the Student Opinion Survey forms, making the forms more specific and more in-depth, while also changing the forms to an online format. SOS forms are used to determine tenure and to give feedback to the university about specific courses and instructors. Andrea Thompson, chairwoman of the Academic Affairs committee, said the committee decided to reconstruct SOS forms in response to complaints by faculty on the forms' effectiveness.

LETTER: Take back the Tap legislation important

(11/02/12 9:00am)

I was very shocked when I picked up a CM Life newspaper yesterday and read nothing about Monday evening when Student Government Association passed the Take Back the Tap legislation, which supports a gradual phase out of bottled water on campus. This has been passed now four times in the House and, for the first time ever, in the Senate. The RSO Take Back the Tap on campus has worked extremely hard on this campaign and is ecstatic about SGA’s support. If all goes well with Purchase and Contracting, CMU can potentially be the first university in Michigan to end the sales of bottled water on campus! This will allow CMU to be a leader in sustainability with a very easy first step (drink out of a reusable water bottle) and join the other 60+ universities across the nation who have done so as well. am very pleased with the hard-working Take Back the Tap students at CMU and the Student Government Association and confused as to why CM Life did not cover this sooner. Mariah Urueta Waterford sophomore

EDITORIAL: Real leadership

(10/24/12 8:00am)

Let's all take a moment to commend one entity on campus that truly takes what students have to say into consideration: the Student Government Association. SGA heard the student body's concerns regarding the academic calendar change and took action as the voice of Central Michigan University's students. During Monday's SGA meeting, a motion declaring their opposition to the academic calendar change was approved.

COLUMN: Academic calendar the wrong move for students

(10/24/12 7:45am)

There's considerable irony in the fact that the Academic Senate, Faculty Association and administration are pushing a new academic calendar. The calendar, which would eliminate one week of school, would allow CMU to start classes after Labor Day. After a tumultuous year between the FA, A-Senate and administration, in which all claimed to be working for the students, it seems there is some type of coercion to harm the academics of this school. This should be clear: The only way students should accept this in any way is if the administration lowers tuition next year and both the FA and administration take pay cuts. If this passes without those two things happening, all students that take higher education (and the bills they pay for it) seriously, should walk. Students should picket and not go to classes. Why not take a few weeks off? Future CMU students will be paying inflated tuition to a school that will have proven that academics is not the first priority. The A-Senate has said at meetings that this could be a good option, considering other similar universities have done it. To that, there is only one response that has been reiterated at least five times in the past year by the Central Michigan Life Editorial Board: Why do we have to copy every other university? We should be striving for academic excellence. To prove we certainly aren't striving for excellence with this calendar, take a look at what FA President Laura Frey said about the academic changes behind it. “The academic calendar committee never intended to have any of the work impede or reduce academic quality,” she said.

SGA overwhelmingly approves legislation to oppose academic calendar changes

(10/22/12 9:14pm)

[caption id="attachment_126038" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Speaker of the House and Crosswell senior Patrick O'Connor explains changes in the proposal to reject the 15-week academic calendar and takes a vote to reject it on Monday night during the Student Government Association in Anspach Hall.

Reversing academic calendar decision more complicated than expected, FA says

(10/22/12 5:20am)

Executive Director of Faculty Personnel Services Matt Serra said a vote from the Student Government Association alone will not be enough to stop the academic calendar change. Serra, in a sit-down interview with Central Michigan Life Thursday, said students are a major voice at Central Michigan University, but he doesn’t know how much impact the SGA resolution will have.

SGA says it plans to pass legislation stopping academic calendar changes from happening

(10/10/12 6:00am)

The Student Government Association introduced new legislation Monday that would not support a scheduled change to the academic calendar in 2014. An ad hoc committee in the Academic Senate met and discussed the possibility of changes to the academic calendar, changing the 16-week semester to 15 weeks, and A-Senate voted last spring to reopen discussion on the issue. On Aug.

Dean of Libraries says website will host statement after accommodation concerns

(10/02/12 9:39pm)

After concerns expressed by student groups regarding accusations that the library was unwilling to have an accommodation statement on its website, Dean of Libraries Thomas Moore said the library will change policy. The concerns were started when SWA President Katelyn Blair was allegedly told by Director of Information Services Timothy Peters last year that "an accommodation for hearing-impaired students is not needed" when she inquired about adding an email to the library's accommodation statement. When the Mio senior raised similar concerns this year, she was told Peters "didn't want an accommodation statement anywhere but perhaps in the footer of the new library website." Richard Cochran, assistant dean of libraries, said the allegations were incorrect and said the allegations were made because of miscommunication between students and staff. "None of the proper people were contacted," Cochran said.

CMU Pro Brono Legal Clinic to return in fall

(06/25/12 5:38pm)

The Central Michigan University Pro Bono Legal Clinic will reopen this fall. Beginning next semester, the clinic will be housed in the Student Organization Center Conference Room in Bovee University Center for four hours, two days a week. Student Government Association President Justin Gawronski said the specific times for the clinic would be finalized soon. A miscommunication between the SGA and former legal clinic director Christopher Armelagos led some to believe the clinic would be closed for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Student Government Association Vice President Anna Dvorak resigns 7 days after inauguration; Killian Richeson sworn in

(03/26/12 7:56pm)

[caption id="attachment_109336" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Former SGA President Vincent Cavataio, left, swears in new SGA Vice President Killian Richeson, right, after former Vice President Anna Dvorak resigned 7 days after her inauguration.

EDITORIAL: City Commission should support anti-discrimination ordinance

(02/29/12 8:00am)

City Commission has the opportunity to join in the fight against discrimination, and it should jump at the chance. More than 150 people attended Monday's City Commission meeting to hear a formal presentation on a proposed anti-discrimination ordinance. Spectrum — a Central Michigan University registered student organization representing the LGBTQ community — and the Student Government Association were among the CMU groups to back the measure. The ordinance, intended to protect the basic rights individuals are guaranteed to live freely in their pursuit of happiness in all Mount Pleasant facilities and businesses, is long overdue. Mount Pleasant is behind much of Michigan as the only college town without any protection like this.