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Freedom of extremists

The incident between Dean Pamela Gates and CMU junior Dennis Lennox II simply illustrates what many of us have known for a long time: "Students Against Gary Peters" and the associated group, "Young Americans for Freedom" (a group of which Lennox was president here at CMU), are extremist organizations willing to use all the dubious tactics at their disposal - including intimidation, harassment and the stalking of administrators and faculty with video cameras - to further their narrow and narrow-minded political ideology. The only "freedoms" these groups offer are the freedom to swallow their particular beliefs or to be bullied, embarrassed and terrorized. I sincerely hope the CMU student body will reject such practices.

Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock Associate Professor of English

Fire Gates

I read with disgust about the actions of Dean Pamela Gates and her assault on a student at Central Michigan University. I am tired of seeing college administrators consistently bully students - especially conservatives - and generally acting like they are above the law. Administrators are responsible to their students and Mr. Lennox had every right to inspect the records of a public institution. Central Michigan University should fire this violent and unstable bureaucrat.

Kevin DeAnna Arlington, Va.

Freedom of Information Act request to Dennis Lennox:

Within five days, turn over all e-mails in your possession which make any mention of Professor Gary Peters. Also, turn over any videos meeting the same criteria.

I then suggest that Central Michigan Life insert links to the videos on its Web site and publish the e-mail collection, perhaps as an entertainment insert in one of their editions.

Rod Kirk

Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work Professor emeritus