College Republicans using debates, differing viewpoints to stay educated on world issues

Morley freshman Therese Empie shows support for the troops overseas outside the Charles V. Park Library. The College Republicans of CMU laid a sign outside for students to sign and send to Iraq and collected donations, such as 150 t-shirts from the Bookstore, to send to the 1460th Company of Midland, Michigan. File Photo

Politics long has been a subject heavily debated on college campuses.

College Republicans gives the opportunity to discuss differing viewpoints at its meetings.

Stephanie Jaczkowski, spokeswoman and public relation chair for College Republicans, said the debates help members stay educated.

“We take time to educate ourselves about national and world issues,” the Clinton Township junior said. “It’s interesting to see how wide the views are. We have Libertarian-Republicans and moderate Republicans.”

The group participates in many ways throughout the year, including attending state and national conferences. And every year, it puts together the ‘Never Forget’ project, where members place flags around campus in remembrance of Sept. 11.

Jaczkowski said members are focusing on getting a well-known speaker to come to CMU this year, but the College Republicans also would like to have some fun outside of meetings.

“We had an IM flag football team, so we aren’t serious (all the time),” she said.

Jaczkowski said she has been interested in politics since she was 10 and met some students involved in College Republicans. She said she instantly wanted to join.

She said anybody interested should come out, even if they feel a little nervous about joining the group.

“Many kids just see us and start coming to our meetings,” she said. “(They should) do it, sometimes students are scared to (announce) they are Republicans, especially on a college campus, but there are a lot of people like them with the same ideas.”

The College Republicans meet at 9 p.m. Tuesdays in Anspach 168. Follow the group on Twitter.