Student works as press secretary for political campaign

Sean Proctor/Staff Photographer Harrison junior Abbey Colville, press secretary for Jason Liptow, democratic candidate for State Representative in the 97th District, which includes Clare and Gladwin Counties. "It entails press releases, managing the website, and answering emails, calls, whatever comes in. Making sure all our information comes from the same source. All while being a student."

Juggling college classes, homework and campaign trailblazing is not an easy task for Harrison junior Abbey Colville.

But it is a welcome challenge.

She is the press secretary for Jason Liptow, a Democrat running for the Michigan House of Representative’s 97th district, and is majoring in integrated public relations. She also is an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta, a sorority on campus which she helped with new member recruitment.

“It’s very stressful,” Colville said.

At this point in the campaign, her work has only begun.

“Next semester, I’ll have to take a lighter class schedule,” she said.

The big picture

Despite time constraints and obligations, Colville presses on. She said she is glad to help Liptow, a former teacher of hers who she has remained in contact with.

When Liptow began planning to run for the House, he asked her for a hand. Colville was happy to oblige.

“It’s real world experience, it’s a great resume builder,” Colville said.

Liptow had glowing praise for her contributions thus far.

“She is in charge of all communications,” Liptow said. “From the middle of August until now, she’s got a full Web site up and all the press releases.”

When Liptow first met Colville as a substitute teacher for a freshman English class at Harrison High School in Harrison, he said he immediately knew she was destined for great things.

“She has one of the of the hardest working work ethics I’ve ever seen,” Liptow said. “I chose the people who I thought best fit the job.”

Liptow has a mix of college students and others volunteering on his campaign, and Abbey was one of the first people to get involved.

“She sees the big picture, she’s very analytical,” Liptow said.

Life after college

While she enjoys her current duties, Colville already has her sights set on a future career.

“Overall, I’d like to be in management,” she said.

She enjoys having an active role in the influential realm of politics, though her first choice of employers would come from sports. She said she is a big sports fan.

Liptow said he could see her doing something a little different in the future.

“She’ll end up ruling the world some day,” Liptow said, jokingly.