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LETTERS: Remove term limits; vote for Cotter

You are right to point out, as you do in (the Monday, Oct. 18) editorial, that the effect of partisan politics has been a problem for state government.

What you seem to miss, however, is a broader problem that can only be corrected by a constitutional convention. Since 1992, there has been a growing and systemic lack of leadership, statesmanship and institutional memory in Michigan’s Legislature.

The cause — legislative term limits — has been widely recognized as a huge mistake, which has led to a weakened, unseasoned body of lawmakers who lack the hindsight necessary to develop effective foresight. Voters have been deprived of the opportunity to re-elect leaders who may just have developed the vision necessary to see us through the tough times.

The implication is that voters lack the wisdom to limit terms through elections alone and must therefore be protected from themselves. Of course, the leaders in both parties have kept several attempts to repeal limits from coming to the floor because of their ties to the special interests who represent their future endeavors.

And of course, both candidates for governor oppose the Con Con because it may distract from the illusion that the Executive is the strongest and most effective branch in state government. Much has been made of the projected cost of $50 million over the three years the Convention may take. A small price to pay in comparison to the $546 million that will be spent on cigarettes by children alone over the same span, I think.

James Batcheller Associate Professor of Music

As a CMU student, I am supporting Kevin Cotter for the 99th District State House seat.

Kevin is committed to turning our economy around. By eliminating the Michigan Business tax, current businesses will be able to grow again. This means more jobs for those of us who wish to stay in Michigan after graduation.

Aside from helping our businesses to once again flourish, Kevin would like to create a part-time legislature, and he believes that the legislators should be required to repay the state for every missed day of work. Furthermore, Kevin believes that all government spending should be posted online. Government is meant to serve the people, and not the other way around. With Kevin Cotter as our representative, we will know where our money is going.

Kevin is also a CMU alumnus, and was born and raised in Mount Pleasant. He is an accessible member of the community who is genuinely interested in hearing from those he wishes to serve. By sending a fellow Chip to Lansing, CMU will gain a helpful advocate as the state government decides how to apportion funding.

Kevin is the man we need in Lansing. As students in Michigan, we should vote for Kevin Cotter for our next 99th District representative.

Megan Gill Traverse City sophomore