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LETTERS: A thank you from victorious county commissioner; rally cry for basketball teams

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First of all, I would like to thank all the voters of District 5 who voted for me this pass election day. I would also like to thank Anne Swift for bearing with me during the long, long campaign. I would also like to thank those generous folks who contributed to my campaign sometimes even twice.

A big thanks goes out to the Isabella County Democratic Party for their lion-hearted work in this election cycle. I thank the State Democratic Party for the use of the database. I also would like to thank the CMU College Democrats and the Union of Teaching Faculty for their help. I would also like to thank the League of Woman Voters for their forum and voters’ guide.

I also would like to thank those folks who wrote letters to the editor for me and everyone who offered their vocal support, encouragement and advice. Without all these efforts from all these people I never would have been victorious.

I look forward to serving all the constituents of District 5 for 2 more years to the best of my ability in this challenging time.

Jim Moreno

District 5 County Commissioner

This year’s men’s and women’s basketball teams are exciting, loaded with talent and can be winning programs. But opposing teams are talented, too. The winning difference, often so small, can often be attributed to big fan support.

You know what student support does in the “Izzone” at MSU and the Blue Devil student section at Duke.

Consistent fan support is fun, creates spirit and actually helps the team win. Why not create your own “Z”one (for Ernie Z.) and come to every home game in your fantastic new arena and cheer like crazy for your fine teams.

The men have 13 home games and the women have 11 home games. Hope to see you there.

M.C. Kostrzewa

1972 alumni