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LETTER: Severance pay, construction projects perplexing use of funds

I'm outraged by what this school is doing. Nehad El-Sawi resigned on her own free will. There is no need to give her $238,691.76.

No normal person would resign or get fired while being paid for it unless the campus is trying to hide something. Most professors that read the story know they would never be given that luxury.

Why is there always a setback with the College of Medicine or CMU's new projects? I'm always hearing about a new building, relocation or an upgrade for campus when the things we have are fine the way they are.

Why do we need a new gym when the Student Activity Center is set up the way it should be? One or two people have to wait now and again for the treadmill, so what?

I want to know why campus is charging 200 percent more per credit hour than they did in 2001. I want to know why CMU has a rainy day fund with 40 percent of their budget when they only need 25 percent.

I want to know why the Freedom of Information Act had to be used to get the severance pay for Nehad El-Sawi.

The school can use its money for more important things like fixing the ongoing parking problem, not making students pay for parking passes like other public colleges, lowering the burden on tuition prices and helping out with more scholarships.

This school is doing a lot of corrupt and stupid things, I'm glad we still have good reporters to sniff out the truth behind the lies.

Julie M. Schima

Roseville sophomore