LETTER: Call senators and representatives on possible anti-fault auto insurance laws

I am writing this letter today because I just learned that the Michigan House Committee on Insurance has begun hearing testimony on HB 4936.

This bill would drastically change our auto anti-fault laws and not in a good way. The upshot of this proposed legislation is that it would allow the insurance companies to renege on their 40 year old promise of lifetime medical coverage in exchange for a mandatory payment of car insurance by those who choose to drive. This would (surprise, surprise) allow the insurance companies here in the state to make bigger corporate profits.

The loss of no-fault auto insurance funding for these expenses (lifetime medical coverage) will mean a massive cost shift to Medicaid and Medicare, thus increasing the State and Federal tax burden for Michigan citizens. It would also lead to a loss of jobs. We already have a jobs problem why do our lawmakers want to make it worse?

The insurance companies which in Michigan are some of the least regulated and most influential powerful corporations in this state are getting all 3 branches of our state government to carry their water. We need a government in Lansing that cares more about the regular folks and less about the corporations.

Please contact your state senator and state representative and let them know that our rights our more important than insurance companies profits.



James Moreno

Mount Pleasant resident