LETTER: Bill for committee oversight unnecessary

Personally I feel that the House Bill 5000 that state Representative Robert Genetski, R-Saugatuck is proposing, mentioned in the Editorial of Monday issue of Central Michigan Life is unnecessary.

Honestly, Central’s administration and others of the like in Michigan should already feel they are being held accountable to a higher power — us.

The students who pay tuition should be the ones holding the university accountable for what they are spending money on.

We are the higher power they should be held accountable to, not another bureaucratic group at the state level.

They won’t know what it is like to go to a building in need of repairs and watch as terrific faculty in need of a contract start searching for jobs elsewhere while the Central Michigan Board of Trustees approves $1.5 million for a new Mongolian barbecue (all the while claiming fiscal responsibility.) We, the students, do.

Considering that, I think we should stand up and start exerting this power. If there is a need for oversight on higher education, I can’t think of any group with more first-hand observation and a stronger influence (after all, without our money, they wouldn’t have much to work with) than us.

I know that I am not going thousands of dollars into debt for a Mongolian barbecue I won’t ever use.

I like to think my money is being used for repairs such as in Anspach, Brooks and Pearce, which anyone who uses those building can see, are in dire need of some TLC. As well as to pay experienced, intelligent, unique and driven faculty I deserve.

I also like to think I am not the only student that feels this way. This is why I think we should stand up and start addressing a much needed change.

Letters have already been sent, and obviously ignored.

We, as students need to rethink our approach and start really getting active. It is our turn and we have the power to make changes here at CMU.


Jennifer Carver,

Union City junior