LETTER: CM Life's 'Bucket List' reflects poorly on university

Central Michigan Life should be ashamed of its Wednesday "Bucket List." Prospective students and their parents will be pleased to know that CMU is a place where immoral and illegal activities are encouraged by the student media.

A place where every student should No. 16: Run from the police, a blatantly illegal act. Where people of all faiths or creeds can No. 95: Get a “Jesus Dog” @ His House on Bellows, while being pressured to follow their faith. Who wouldn’t want to No. 67/68: Make out with a boy/girl from every Fraternity/Sorority, considering the fact that STD rates at CMU are among the highest in the state? Even unpopular suggestions such as No. 69: Sit in a lecture class that you are NOT TAKING, demonstrate that this publication has no respect for the academic integrity of the institution. At least by pointing out the idiocy of some of the suggestions on this list, I can cross off No. 116.

Andrew Brown

Delta College sophomore