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Men's fashion scarves a trend this season

The fashion world always has new “it” items when it comes to a particular season.

While some people prefer to stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends by going out and buying something brand new, others prefer to stick with something they already have.

The big trend among men right now is the accessory scarf.

“(In general) a scarf is an easy way to dress up an outfit and create visual interest,” Riverdale senior Jason Gagnon said. “And for myself? Some romanticism — there is something artistic and wonderful about fabric draped around one's neck.”

Birmingham senior Alasdair Boyle gave examples of how to wear scarves as well as different combinations of styles and patterns you can pair scarves to outfits.

“One way is wrap a simple loop around with the two ends hanging out,” he said. “Another way is called the slipknot, which involves a loop with the two ends pulled through the loop.”

He said he enjoys wearing plaid woolen scarves with his black wool pea coat and ¾ zip sweaters with a slipknot scarf inside of it, a trend very popular among both men and women around this season of year.

Grand Rapids freshman Eric Newton said he enjoys wearing scarves because it makes a statement without being too over the top.

“It’s a fashionable accessory that isn’t too out there,” he said. “It makes a subtle statement and is sophisticated.”

When it comes to wearing scarves Newton said he wears his hanging for a classic “director” look or single flip over the shoulder. He wears solid colored cotton scarves.

“I wear them long in length and normally a toned down/faded color,” Newton said.

Gagnon has an extensive scarf collection he has created over the years.

“I’ve started making my own from fabric I’ve purchased,” he said. “Studying apparel design allows me to save money and look epic.”

There are a variety of scarves Gagnon has in his collection including scarves that compliment his outfits and aren’t too match-y match-y to scarves that are printed to add character.

Boyle, who buys his scarves at stores such as GAP, Forever 21 and Target, buys a different variety.

“I buy neck scarves, winter scarves and infinity scarves,” he said. “Depending on the season, I like wool and cotton because they’re great for the winter and the cotton ones are perfect for year-round use.”

While scarves have been around for a long time, Boyle said the way they were originally used has adapted over the years.

“It first started out for functional purposes,” he said. “It’s very easy and anyone can wear a scarf, although sometimes it takes a lot of confidence to pull them off and I believe that’s why some people shy away from them.”

Gagnon also said when it comes to scarves and fashion in general it’s the easiest way to say something to the world.

“It conveys emotions, your personality and how you see the world," he said.