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Accident on corner of Mission and Broomfield, one confirmed injury

One of the busiest intersections in Mount Pleasant was the scene of an accident Wednesday night, as cars were backed up for up to half an hour.

At least one injury was suffered in the two-vehicle accident nearby the Burger King on the corner of Mission and Broomfield Streets.

Sgt. Dan Gaffka of the Mount Pleasant Police Department, who was present on the scene, said he could only confirm that the accident included an injury.

“It was an injury accident, but I do not have any other specifics at this time,” Gaffka said. “I do know that somebody went to the hospital. It is not believed to be anything critical.”

Courtney Stokes, who was working at the Burger King at the time of the accident, said she saw a person enter an ambulance and knew two vehicles were involved in the accident.

The Chippewa Hills High School senior said she did not personally witness the crash, but first noticed the lights blinking outside the windows.

Across the street from the accident, Payless Shoes employee and Dearborn senior Sara Behrendt only heard the sound of the crash while she was helping a customer.

"I didn't see it, but I heard it," Behrendt said. "(A customer) said the girl got stuck and everyone rushed over to help. They couldn't get her out and they kept yelling her name"