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Student Advocates for Medical and Recreational Cannabis hosting 4/20 week


Student Advocates for Medical and Recreational Cannabis are hosting a panel to discuss the truth about the plant.

The panel titled "Tell the Truth About Marijuana," takes place at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Bovee University Center Auditorium.

It is part of a series of events planned by SAMRC to celebrate the week of 4/20. While the week is normally used as a protest or recreational week, freshman Ian Elliott, the president of SAMRC, said the registered student organization will use the week as an educational opportunity.

"Our group here is pretty different," Elliot said. "We like to work with the system. Most of us are going into professional careers, so this is really something we're passionate about."

Elliott said the concluding event for the week, the panel, will include Matt Abel, the director of Michigan NORML. Michigan NORML is one of the largest activism groups in the country regarding cannabis.

Heidi Parikh, the president of My Compassion, a patient-based outreach program, will also join the panel, as well as Adam Brook, an activist and NORML affiliate.

"The panelists will be able to tell their own stories, as well as answer a few predetermined questions," Elliott said. "We have some different perspectives on the issue, as well as different professions that they hold in advancing the cause. Following that presentation, we're going to have petition signings in the back for Coalition for a Safer Mount Pleasant."

The Coalition for a Safer Mount Pleasant is a ballot initiative that proposes to amend the Mount Pleasant city code to decriminalize the use, possession, and transfer of an ounce or less of marijuana on private property by anyone 21 and older.

Monday and Tuesday will also feature events in a more informal setting. Monday, outside the Bush Theater, there will be an "info circle" set up, with flyers and information to hand out to people.

"It's going to be a very laid back and relaxed event," Elliott said. "It will be a great way for students that want to find out about what SAMRC does here on campus to come and introduce themselves, not in a formal meeting setting."

Tuesday, at the Fabiano Gardens, SAMRC will hold an event called "Weed is In-Tents." Elliott said details for that event will remain a surprise.

"These two events are more just opportunities for us to interact with students as they're walking around campus and talk with them about why they should be concerned about some of the medical and recreational marijuana issues," Elliott said.