Questions for the keeper

Freshman goalkeeper talks about her journey from Connecticut to Central Michigan


Freshman goalkeeper Zoie Reed kicks the ball out of her zone in an exhibition match against Michigan State Aug. 13 at Bennett Field.

On Friday, Central Michigan University’s soccer team earned its first victory of the season, shutting out Youngstown State 2-0 on the road.

It was freshman goalkeeper Zoie Reed, in her third career collegiate start, who earned the win in net.

A native of Woodbridge, Connecticut, Reed made four saves en route to securing her team’s first victory of the season.

Central Michigan Life talked with Reed on Wednesday to learn more about the new goalie.

Q: What made you decide to venture to Michigan and attend CMU?

A: I wanted a change from the Connecticut scenery and I wanted a new experience. CMU kind of gave me everything I was looking for in that sense and so far it’s been good.

Q: What is the biggest difference between Michigan and Connecticut?

A: I think the people in general — the personalities are definitely different. The east coast is more of a ‘keep it to yourself’ type of place and the Midwest is more of a ‘try and help your neighbor’ type of place.

Q: You’ve played soccer for a good portion of your life. Have you always been a goalie?

A: Yes. I have actually been a goalie for 11 years now.

Q: Who is the biggest role model in your life?

A: I’m really thankful for my dad. He really lays it all out on the line for me — he works extra hours to make the extra money we need to travel. He defines what it means to be a role model for me.

Q: What is your favorite soccer team?

A: I would say the (United States) women’s team. They really define what it is to be one team, one goal. Nothing is for yourself — everything is for the person next to you.

Q: Who are you the closest with on the team?

A: Miya Arcand. (Freshman midfielder from Brampton, Ontario) She’s really nice, funny and cool. She’s just always a nice person.

Q: How has your coaching staff helped you thus far at CMU?

A: They’re really supportive. They’ve helped me adapt to CMU and everything, especially with me being from so far away.

Q: Being a goalie and an underclassman, do you feel like there is more pressure on you to succeed?

A: Honestly, my thing is to just do what’s best for the team no matter what year you are. I’m just going to do what’s best in general, so if it happens to be I am a freshman and starting, or if I’m not, I’m going to do what is best for the team.

Q: Do have a pregame ritual or routine before you play?

A: I listen to a lot of music and try to get in the right mindset to do my best.

Q: What is your favorite memory you have from playing soccer?

A: Last year I actually saved three PKs (penalty kicks) during a state tournament game in high school. We wound up going to the semifinals of the state tournament.