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Student Service Center to be built by Fall 2016

A new Student Service Center is being planned in the College of Health Professions and is scheduled to be ready by fall 2016.

The college is looking for space in the main corridor of the Health Professions building so students will be able to spot and walk into the center with ease. Administration should be deciding on the location within the next month.

The center will have three main goals: to inform prospective students about programs, to help current students make sure they are staying on track to graduate and to help pre-graduate and graduate students get into specific accreditation programs. 

There is not currently a Student Service Center specifically geared toward the College of Health Professions like those of the College of Science and Technology and Education and Human Services.

Partnering with the Student Success Center and advisors in the Towers, Interm Associate Dean of Health Professions Denise Webster said the ultimate goal of the center is to give students "the tools to expand their skills" outside of the classroom.

The center will include many positions including an assistant director, which will help get prospective students interested in Central Michigan University, and show them what there is to offer.

"Our college is a little bit different than (others) at CMU," Webster said. "We have many graduate programs and more professional areas of study that have specialized accreditation. We want to be able to work closely with students to keep them on the right track and make sure they have what they need to get into (programs) like physical therapy, audiology and so on. We want to be able to advise them so they can get out of here in four years and move on to whatever comes next."