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Alumni publishes novel based on experiences at CMU

Ken Welsch, former Central Michigan University student and Central Michigan Life staff reporter and sports editor, has published his first novel about his college experiences at CMU called “Forever Since an Apple." 

The story follows a student news photographer named Daniel Evert and how he sees the world of reality TV and garage bands through his camera. He goes on a trip with fictional reporter Ebner Franklin to cover a reality TV show in Chicago. By the time the trip ends, Daniel gains perspective in determining his own measures of success through the changes of his life during the trip. 

Welsch is originally from Wyandotte, Michigan, and graduated from Grosse Ile High School in 1986. He studied journalism and creative writing at CMU and now lives in Trenton with his wife, Jenny, and their children Jason, Drew and Megan. 

Can you describe the process you went through while writing your book?

Welsch: I started writing it in Mount Pleasant, building on one character. Then over the course of a decade I tried to make it more complete then it was, just a series of scenes. Finally I had to write new material to make it a full story. Between my family and my job there wasn’t a ton time, but I did dedicate a weekend to really finish it off.

What do you draw inspiration from in the Mount Pleasant community and CMU that can be found in your book?

To a point I created a fictional town and campus, but having it fiction helps add to the story. It’s based in the spirit of CMU. Central Michigan Life plays a big factor (too), which helps with Central Michigan Life being close to the same over the years.

You worked for Central Michigan Life then too; what were your experiences like? How do you think they differ from Central Michigan Life today?

I don't think the paper has changed a lot. Now having everything online (is different from back then). The stories are close to the same (over the years) since they're based in a college atmosphere.

Who did you write this book for?

Anybody who’s old enough to make decisions, like around 30 and up. (I'm) getting feedback from a lot of college kids though, even with the setting being in the early 90s.

What do you think is the most important things for a reader to know not just about your book, but you as a person?

(You can) probably tell from the book but my love for being up north is present.

Do you think you'll write any more books in the future?

I actually just started writing a new book. I don’t have a timeline but I do have a more efficient plan of getting it done compared to the last one.

What advice would you give to students who wish to publish a novel of their own?

From a writing standpoint you should go with a plan. I really didn’t (with this novel) and (this) story dragged from 15-20 years (worth of planning.)