Sigma Tau Gamma suspended by national headquarters

Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity has been suspended by its national organization to "resolve internal issues in its local chapter."

Bradley Lake, president of Central Michigan University's chapter, said the fraternity's headquarters instructed the group to cease Greek activities until headquarters finishes its investigation. The fraternity did not participate in Greek Week events this year. 

Sigma Tau Gamma CEO Steven Latour said headquarters received information it felt required additional investigation. 

"(We are) determining if some of our members' safety policies may have been violated by one member, two members or a few members," he said. "We put the chapter on suspension while we determine if certain things are true or not true." 

The national organization is in the process speaking with the elected officers of the chapter. After this investigation concludes, Latour said, it will determine if additional members need to be interviewed. 

Latour said headquarters has been in touch with CMU. Director of Student Conduct Tom Idema said the university cannot speak about ongoing investigations. 

Right now, Latour said the organization is trying to figure out whether a rule has been violated.

"The chapter is not closed," he said. "I don't believe we will be closing the chapter, but we need to make sure everybody has followed our policies." 

The purpose of Sigma Tau Gamma is to promote the "highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood and citizenship," according to the principles of the fraternity. 



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