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Designers visit fashion capital of the world, collaborate for runway show

After meeting in Paris, Paige Zubok and Cecilia Alfaro are using their international experience as inspiration to design a clothing collection together for the Threads Fashion Show.

After studying abroad in Paris and seeing a show at a fashion school in Antwerp, Zubok and Alfaro knew they wanted to create a line of looks for the Threads Fashion Show on April 23. The annual fashion show is completely student-run and hosted by event planning majors and students in the fashion merchandising program. The designer’s named their collection "Sous la peau" meaning "under the skin."

Alfaro was a model in last year's Threads show and Zubok was on the production committee, but both are new to the clothing design aspect of the runway show.

“We have had the theme in mind but our looks have been changing all the time, we still are changing things — that's what makes this so exciting,” said Alfaro, a sophomore from Grand Blank.

Both designers are in the fashion merchandising program and said they always had an interest in the fashion and the creative field. Friends would come to them for advice with everyday outfits. They have had to work hard to make up for not being exposed to the actual garment construction side of designing a clothing collection.

“We pushed ourselves with our collection and I am so proud that we did, it has become such a big part of our everyday lives, we feel good knowing we put a lot of effort into our looks,” Zubok said.

What makes these designers unique from the group of Threads designers is that they are working together to create their line. The designers both have different personal styles but when it comes to making an outfit they collaborate their ideas instead of clashing. Also basing their theme and styles around their personal experience to Paris is unique. 

"When people see our designs walking down the runway we want them to feel a connection to our inspiration and think more in depth about our ideas. Our styles are different so we hope that people feel a sense of curiosity," says Zubok. 

Zubok and Alfaro worked on each look together, adding and changing things as they went along and rolling ideas off each other making them work well together. 

“We stayed here all of spring break to use the lab since no one was here, and when that closed we went to Paige’s apartment,” Alfaro said. “We wanted our models to have their own unique look.” 

Between keeping up with classes and trying to manage their pieces, things have been hectic for the designers, they said. They've spent up to $300 on materials for their collection and many hours in creating the clothes.

“The hardest thing about our collection is our fabric choices," Alfaro and Zubok said. "We love them but they can be so difficult to work with."

The designers plan after college is to go back to Paris to work on their design skills.

“I would love to have my own lines of high-end street wear and lingerie while Cecilia is more into couture bridal and gowns," Zubok said.