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University, city police offer St. Patrick's Day safety tips

Lt. Jeff Browne of the Mount Pleasant Police and Lt. Cameron Wassman of the Central Michigan University Police Department said safety and responsibility are important concerns for students during St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

“We realize it’s a day of festivities and fun, (but) we want people to remember there is more to that as well,” Browne said. “Safety is the No. 1 concern.”

Browne said students should not bring valuable possessions with them if they are partaking in the festivities and should only bring what is necessary.

“People lose a wide variety of things when they’re out sometimes,” Browne said. “The other thing is, if you’re going to attend an event, be aware of your surroundings. Try and avoid the large crowds and know where you are at.”

Individuals at an event should stay with the group they came with, Browne said. If students plan to drink, they should have a designated driver or use a taxi.

Wassman said students should not drink in excess and those under 21 years old should not have open intoxicants on them.

The university police officer said Friday is not the day for students to “test the waters,” adding police presence will be significantly increased on and off campus.

Browne said students should remember the nuisance party ordinance and know that no person, at any age, can have open intoxicants on public property.

The city officer also said students should eat well Friday morning and stay hydrated throughout the day if they plan to drink.

“I guess the big thing, don’t overindulge,” he said. “Be responsible when you drink. You can have one alcoholic drink and maybe one water.”

Browne said people are allowed to drink on their lawns but aren’t allowed to consume alcohol on city property or public places, such as sidewalks.

Wassman said if students witness criminal activity, they should report it to the CMUPD so everyone can stay safe during the holiday.

“We want people to follow the rules, be respectful, and if somebody is in need of assistance, give them the help that they need,” Wassman said.