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Governor Snyder supports Isabella County emergency management in press conference

Governor Rick Snyder delivered a press conference in Mount Pleasant on Monday to voice his support for  Isabella County's Emergency Management's response to the flooding crisis.

"We're working very diligently on the disaster recovery process," Snyder said. "I'd like to thank the good, hard working that's still going on. There are people on the phone, staying late hours, doing what they need to to start doing damage assessments to see how we can help people who are still calling in."

Snyder also thanked state-level organizations like the Michigan Department of Transportation and Isabella County Road Commission, which have coordinated together assessing damage done to roads, and the Michigan Department of Agriculture, which have started to investigate alternative ways to do crop assessments in the aftermath of the flooding. 

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has begun assessing the state of dams and levies. 

Snyder believes an estimate of the cost of the recovery process will put together within the next couple of days.

George Green, chairman for Isabella County Board of Commissioners, declared a state of emergency in response to the flooding on Friday, June 23. Snyder approved the declaration on Friday night. The state of emergency enables the state to offer resources and assistance to Isabella County in the recovery process.

The Isabella County Emergency Operations Center has been fully staffed and operational since 7 p.m. on Friday, and will remain so for an indefinite period of time, said Isabella County administrator, Margaret McAvoy.

The Charter Township of Union announced that its waste water treatment plant was not compromised by the flooding, and is operating normally. The City of Mount Pleasant announced that both water and waste water treatment systems are in full operation.

Residents who have damage to their home are advised to call the Isabella County Emergency Management Damage Assessment Hotline at 989-779-1452.