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Paranormal researcher leads students on ghost hunt


Paranormal investigator Chris Fleming speaks on Oct. 26 in Plachta Auditorium.

While outside the doors of Sloan Hall, students felt uneasy as negative voices and words were coming through on Chris Fleming’s Spirit Box device. 

“Make the thoughts and moments in your head always be good ones, so that you can attract and create that kind of environment around you," said Fleming, a medium, paranormal researcher and public speaker as students followed him on a ghost hunt around campus.   

He spoke these words of encouragement to students, telling they have nothing to fear as long as they keep their thoughts positive and kind. 

Fleming talked about his own personal experiences with spirits and shared knowledge about his views on death and the afterlife on Oct. 27 in Plachta Auditorium. The event was presented by Central Michigan University’s Program Board. Along with these stories, he showed photos, videos and electronic voice phenomena (EVPs). 

Many students who attended have their own reasons for either why they do or do not believe in ghosts. 

“I never really believed in ghosts until my freshman year of college,” said Delaney Walden. 

The Berlin sophomore shared a story about someone she knew who had tragically passed away. He had lived in the room directly below hers, and at night she would sometimes see a figure standing at the edge of her bed who she first believed to be her roommate. Once she heard about his death, however, she felt certain it was him. Walden said she was friends with him and the news of his death greatly affected her.    

Following his lecture, Fleming then led a group of students on a ghost hunt around two locations on campus some believe to be haunted. The first was inside Warriner Hall near an old elevator where many stories have been told about a young food service worker who died in or near the elevator in the 1930s. 

After a while of recording and doing electronic voice phenomena sessions with his equipment, Fleming moved on to another location which was right outside the doors of Sloan Hall. 

Many students, including those present during the ghost walk, have reported having an eerie feeling while inside this building, and an upside-down cross can clearly be seen as a part of the architecture on the buildings side. Fleming used his geophone device to attempt to talk to any spirits and hear a response. 

Saline junior Natalie Haubenstricker has her doubts when it comes to believing in spirits and the paranormal. 

She said some of the photos Fleming showed could have been photoshopped, but some things she also found to be convincing and particularly interesting. 

Fleming told a story about his father and how when he was about to pass away, Fleming instructed him to give him a sign or try to reach out to him. He said he still hears his father's voice occasionally, telling Fleming that he loves and misses him. Haubenstricker said this story was very touching, and her favorite part of the night.