COLUMN: Use us as your voice, support student journalism


Out of all the columns I have written this year, most have applauded journalism or called for students, faculty and staff to talk to Central Michigan Life and use us as a resource.

Here’s another one.

This time, I am writing it as the Fall 2018 editor-in-chief. This time, I am calling out to our readers — specifically students — to help us out. 

Whenever I look at Twitter or Facebook, I see students complaining about something they are angry about on Central Michigan University's campus — an issue they desperately want to see changed.

Yet, they don’t contact us.

They don’t use the platform we as a collegiate media organization can provide.

There are a number of issues on this campus that will still be here when we return from summer break.

We will probably be coming back to a newly selected president — whom we had little input in picking — in the fall and have to attend this university under this person's reign. 

Room and board rates will have increased. Tuition will also increase by the time students come back.

We have a need for more counseling services. Want to tell the campus and community your thoughts on it? Write a guest column for us or a letter to the editor.

Planning a meeting or protest? Email us. Make sure we’re there to cover it.

To fulfill your goals, you need to utilize us. You need to support us.

Remember, we are the voice of the students.

We are students. We care about what you care about.

In my upcoming term as editor-in-chief I have stressed I want to bring student life back into the paper. Nightlife, social life — the things that students resonate with and the issues that affect you. Let us do that. Tell us what you want to read.

Help us help you. 

Student journalism is important. We can be the catalyst for the change you want to see on your campus. The change that will make your four years here worthwhile. 

So next year, don't be a stranger. Come to us for that platform you need to express your voice. 

Let’s work together. Let’s make CMU a place we are proud to call our home, a place where our best interests are at heart. 


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