COLUMN: My why is I believe in the truth. What's your why?


No matter what you do — what you’re majoring in, who your friends are, what your hobbies are — you most likely have a "why." 

Your why is the reason behind what you do and the passion that pushes you to achieve your goals.

When I first walked into the Central Michigan Life office my freshman year, I was just beginning to figure out my why.

I wanted to write. I wanted to learn how to become a journalist.

Three years later, my why has changed.

My why is simply this: I believe in the truth. I believe journalism is the backbone of a democratic society.

As the editor-in-chief of CM Life, my why is searching for the truth. For you, the reader, whether you’re a student, community member, faculty member or alumni reading online, I, and the rest of the staff at CM Life do this for you. My why is what drives me to do journalism every day, along with going to class, trying to have a social life and maintain my mental health. 

Last year, my Wednesday and Sunday — also known as production days when we assemble the print edition — were spent in the newsroom for about eight hours each time. I spent those days editing, proofreading and putting together the product that you see on stands around campus and the community the next day.

Those extensive, sometimes dreadful hours, were spent fulfilling my why. 

I’ve been told “CM Life is garbage” from people. I’ve been offended. Not because they don’t like our content, but because some people don’t see or understand the why behind our work.

They don’t see the number of hours we spend in the office, and the more we spend outside of the office reporting and meeting with sources. They don’t see all the time and work it sometimes takes to get to the answers they see in stories, which sometimes involve tuition, crime, sexual assault, parking and other stories.

No matter the subject, there’s one demographic it affects: students.

Just think about how you would get your CMU news if the student journalists at Central Michigan University, didn’t provide the answers. Who would?

We are here to help you. To inform you. To collaborate with you. 

I work at CM Life to serve our readers — for the student body and the community. I pursue journalism everyday to better the environment, culture and future of this university.

Whatever your why may be, the major you’re working toward, the job you have or the hobbies you enjoy doing, I don't judge you. We all have that one thing we are meant to do. That thing we are drawn toward that some people might not understand, but have enough empathy to respect it. 

So next time you judge or overlook the work the student journalists do at CM Life, remember our why.

And, please, read us every day at The truth matters, to all of us. And it should matter to you. 


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