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Academic Senate passes Campus Vote Project Resolution



Senators gather to discuss policies and changes for the 2018-2019 school year. This meeting took place in Pearce 138 on September 11, 2018

Academic Senate passed a resolution that will make it easier for Central Michigan University students to vote. 

The Senate met for its first official meeting of the academic year Sept. 11 in Pearce Hall Room 138.

The Senate voted on and passed the Campus Vote Project Resolution, which was proposed by the Campus Vote Coalition. The resolution encourages faculty members to excuse student absences on election days so students are able to participate in elections without being penalized.

"When we present this, we're presenting this not as a one-time event just for this election," Campus Vote Coalition co-chair Norma Bailey said to the Senate. "This resolution is for any major or national election. We're asking you to support our students as they make efforts to become civically engaged."

The resolution also encourages faculty members to avoid scheduling any major presentations, exams or in-class projects on election days.

The major reason behind the resolution is that it can be difficult for students to vote. Many students are registered in their hometowns which could be very far away from campus and the Secretary of State's website states, "a person who registers to vote by mail must vote in person in the first election in which he or she participates."

At the beginning of the meeting, President Robert Davies introduced himself to the Senate for the first time. After thanking everyone for giving him and his family such a warm welcome, he emphasized the importance of "constant conversations," such as the conversations in the Senate.

"It is through those constant conversations that we will discuss how to advance our university, how to move forward, and take on the obstacles and challenges and issues before us, as well as to sieze on opportunities," Davies said.

He noted that everyone in the room may not always agree with each other, but working through disagreements with dialogue and conversation will result in making good decisions.

Provost Michael Gealt  addressed a number of recent personnel changes made in the university. 

Gealt said the search for a new dean of the College of Business administration will begin this week, when the search committee, chaired by Vice president of Advancement Bob Martin, meets for the first time.

Other action items included committee member elections for two of the senate committees. Faculty members Edgar Simpson and Larry Sych were elected to the Budget Priorities Committee, and Julien Rossignol was elected to the Shared Governance and Communication Committee. There are still two positions on the Shared Governance and Communication Committee that need to be filled.