Student Government Association approves new budget at first meeting


Student Government Association meeting attendees vote on the SGA budget on Sept. 10 in the UC Auditorium.

The Central Michigan University Student Government Association passed a 2018 budget, outlined membership opportunities and explained RSO event funding at the first meeting of the year Monday night in the Bovee University Center Auditorium.

The budget for this academic year allocated $12,000 to stipends and $12,005 to organizational expenses. 

“I had to balance between the money I want to see going towards projects and towards reimbursing people doing the heavy lifting,” SGA Treasurer Chase Delor said.

The budget allocated $6,949 to special projects.

“Examples of special projects are anything a Senator may bring to the E-board. If we want to start the menstrual health [project] that’s where the money would come from,” Delor said. 

All projects using special project funding must be approved by the executive board. 

“For example, we’ll use the special projects fund and buy tampons to prove that students on campus will use them,” SGA President, Jake Hendricks said.

The Student Budget Allocation Committee also explained their role in SGA.

“We allocate funds to make that thing you want to do a little more doable,” SBAC Chairperson Connor Thatcher said. 

SBAC can fund projects or programs RSOs need help paying for. Those requesting funding must submit a budget form at least 4 weeks before the event. Organizations must be in good standing with SGA and registered as an RSO. 

More information on the SBAC can be found on SBAC's Orgsync page.

SGA also announced plans to publish press releases Wednesdays at 10 a.m. and create monthly videos discussing that month’s events and what to look forward to in the future.

Each of the committees in SGA introduced themselves to potential committee members.

The RSO Growth and Development Committee writes legislation to increase RSO membership. Some of its past projects include a mental health workshop for RSOs and Exploration Central. 

The Academic Affairs Committee acts upon student issues. Recently, it has passed legislation to create a fall break, a plan to increase the family death grace period from two days to five days and make SOS forms digital. 

SGA’s Spirits and Traditions Committee plans events to encourage student involvement, spirit and traditions. This year it will to host the "Go for Gold Ball" and make SGA apparel.

Next, the Sustainability Committee explained plans to add more bike racks, create Lazy Sunday Hammocking and continue Meatless Mondays. 

The Diversity Committee addresses diversity on campus, and created the Culture Not a Costume campaign. 

The Government Affairs Committee promotes student opinions to state and local governments and promotes citizen engagement.