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The Forum tenant has rent waived after facing possible eviction

The Forum Apartments as seen on Dec. 7 on Appian Way.

After her roommate's death, Rockwood junior Amy Miller faced an ultimatum: find a roommate by Dec. 31 or vacate her apartment. 

However, on Dec. 12, she was told she would be allowed to stay through August with just the responsibility of her own portion of rent.

Miller had been living with Iron River junior Molly Sheehan in a two-bedroom apartment at The Forum Apartments, each paying $345 a month for rent. 

On Nov. 23, Sheehan died in a Montcalm County car accident, leaving Miller in a tough situation. 

Princeton Enterprises, the management company for the Forum, sent a letter to Miller on Nov. 27 informing her she had until Dec. 31 to find a roommate or vacate her apartment. 

 “We are very sorry about the loss of your roommate,” the letter stated. “With respect to your apartment, we happily allow you the month of December to find a new roommate to qualify for residency at the Forum.” 

The company waived Sheehan's rent for the month of December while Miller searched for a roommate. 

Central Michigan Life published an article on Dec. 11 explaining Miller's situation, which received feedback from the community. Miller said she too had several people reaching out to her about housing options. 

The next day, Miller received a call from the Forum office informing her that the other half of her rent would continue to be waived until August 2019, three months after her lease ends in May.

"I am relieved that I don't have to be in a rush to find a roommate anymore," Miller said. "And it's nice that I'll have time to kind of take care of things, like finish up with my exams without having to worry for a frantic search for a roommate in January."

Now Miller has more time to find a roommate and said she hopes to have the other room filled for the summer, despite the waived rent.