EDITORIAL: Welcome back: It's time to finish out the academic year strong

Only 54 more days left


Welcome back, Chippewas!

We hope your Spring Break was everything you dreamed of and more. We hope you had enough time to relax, spend time with family and friends and decompress. We’re guessing you enjoyed your time off and feel recharged.

We are now in the homestretch, with only 54 days left of the academic year — this is the time to grind. Exams begin on Monday, April 29 and go until Friday, May 4. We have now until then to push through and work hard.

Reflect on the stress you had pre-break, and look at what you can do in the last few months to change it. Practice those better habits you’ve been wanting to encompass but haven't had the motivation or time to do so.

Break is a perfect time to recharge and come back with a mindset and drive to succeed.

After a long, miserable winter, all we all want is summer and warmth. With the "Spring Forward" that just went into effect on Sunday, we have one more hour of daylight to enjoy. 

There’s also events coming up in the last months of the academic year that can be another motivating factor like the annual Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe Pow Wow, Threads Fashion Show and the Spring Tailgate. Those are enjoyable things to look forward to that you can do to decompress that doesn’t involve sitting in your dorm or apartment dreading the cold weather. 

Now that you’re all hopefully caught up on sleep, school work and leisure time, get into game mode. Use the small amount of time left of the semester as your motivation. 

We can all do this together, and finish out the year strong. You've got this.