COLUMN: College is flying by, and my senior year has arrived

Emilly Davis, Dylan Goetz, Hunter McLaren and Melissa Frick attended the Michigan Press Association Conference.

Everyone always tells you when you start college freshman year that it will fly by. I’m sure the each of the freshman class at Leadership Safari has heard that statement 10 times this week. 

The thing is though, you never really realize how fast college is flying by until you're almost done. You don’t realize how quickly college is going by when you are on your fourth hour in the library on a Wednesday night in November and you are planning for how to get back to your dorm without freezing to death. 

First-year students reading this may never think they will be in that situation. I said the same thing. Yet here I am, just a few months away from graduation.

All I have to say is: Wow, that was quick. 

I am entering my fourth year as a student in the Journalism Department in the College of Arts and Media. I’ve made the Dean’s List just about every semester I have been at CMU. 

I got my start at Central Michigan Life because I wanted to be described as the high school athlete who thought he still had it. I wanted to be a sports reporter and cover the athletics programs at CMU. 

Soon after I started, I saw the opportunity that Central Michigan Life gave to eager students who wanted to dedicate their time and commitment to be a part of something great. I considered the idea of once leading the newsroom, but never expected things to play out how they did. I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who has helped me advance my collegiate career in journalism. 

I moved up the ranks over the years and finally interviewed to be Editor-in-Chief last spring. The interview process was definitely the most nervous I have been since the first-ever day on the job at Mr. Quick, a local fast food joint in my hometown. 

Just weeks ago, I finished my second journalism internship in enemy territory at the Kalamazoo Gazette. Despite all of the Western Michigan University paraphernalia, I loved my time in the Zoo. I met lots of great coworkers and was able to broaden my comfort zone by reporting on breaking news. Shout out to the Joel Bissell kickball team, too. Let’s go get that Kalamazoo Sport and Social Club Championship. 

Now, I am confident in my abilities and ready to lead a team of editors and reporters to tell the stories that CMU has to offer to the best of our ability. 

My time has come. Senior year. It’s the one time in my life where there is probably more uncertainty about where I will live and work in 10 months than what I will have for dinner tomorrow night. 

This could be our newspaper’s biggest year. Central Michigan Life is entering its 100th anniversary, and I’m the one to lead our team into the next 100 years of impactful journalism, incredible photography and innovative online engagement. 

That’s pretty cool in my opinion. It’s also important. This year will represent all the years, editors and reporters that have come before me, and all of those to come. 

So as I wrap up my career at CM Life, I am asking for your help. Help me tell your stories. Email me at and share your story ideas, submit a guest column or letter to the editor, give me feedback to share with the staff, or jokes about how bad the Detroit Lions are. I'll try to respond to your comments. 

We are the voice of students at this university and will continue to be for another 100 years.