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Woodrow Wilson was serving as the 28th President of the United States. Prohibition of alcohol was approved by lawmakers in Washington D.C. Babe Ruth left the Boston Red Sox to join the New York Yankees. 

Those were some one the major news stories of 1919.

The first edition of Central Michigan Life was also published that year.  

Now, almost 100 years later, there have been 17 presidents, the people of Michigan ended the prohibition of alcohol and marijuana, the Yankees are still playoff bound and CM Life is starting a new school year in Mount Pleasant. 

Journalism is sometimes called the "first draft of history." You are reading the first print edition of CMU’s nationally-recognized, award-winning, student-run media company. Thank you for reading our work and being a part of our history. 

What is Student Media? First off, we are here to help you tell your story. Whether you are returning from the best internship of your life or returning to campus after working your butt off at your parent’s house, we want to hear about your experiences, your lives. 

Over the past two weeks, we have transformed our editorial staff to adapt to the advantages of being a digital news organization. This way we can interact with our readers using the platform our readers want to interact with us: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and yes, even TikTok. We publish new stories daily at cm-life.com, Central Michigan Life on Facebook, @CMLIFE on Twitter, centralmichiganlife on Instagram, cmlife on Snapchat and centralmichiganlife on TikTok. 

As we place a greater focus on digital journalism, we are also reducing our print publication schedule. We will be publishing one print edition per week each Thursday. We will be using that opportunity to create a special reader experience focused on unique content, with and emphasis on photography and design. 

As the voice of our student body, Central Michigan Life also wants to strengthen our campus partnerships with student groups like Student Government Association and the Society of Professional Journalists to tell important stories expand the impact each organization can have by working together. 

Student leaders, we all represent the student body – Let’s work together. 

We will always embody this mission statement: We will above all else strive to present balanced, accurate coverage of events affecting the CMU community, seek to better the skills of every student who walks through our doors, maintain a positive office environment, remain at the forefront of the technological advances in our field and represent CM Life, those who have come before us and those yet to come.

Our goal as an organization is to tell stories and create conversation on this campus. We won't always agree on opinions, but we hope you always support this public forum that is always open to you. Appreciate the role that a media company can play in a community, no matter how large or small. We believe confronting speech you disagree in Central Michigan Life is to counter it with more, differing opinions, and better speech. 

We hope you will feel comfortable enough with us to come forward and share your views with us and our readers. We've been the voice of students for 100 years. We hope your voice, your opinions, your stories find a place in Central Michigan Life this year – we will always be part of your history, we encourage you to be a part of ours.