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Summit Sessions Live to return for fourth season Sept. 27

Summit Sessions Live logo (Courtesy Photo | Facebook).

Summit Sessions Live, broadcast by MHTV and 91.5 The Mountain, is returning for its fourth season this Friday.

The first episode of the season, which premieres at 8 p.m. Sept. 27 on MHTV, will feature singer/songwriter Ben Ackley, who is a staff reporter at Central Michigan Life, alongside rapper K$tg. Summit Sessions Live host Carrie Brewer, a junior from Denver, Colorado, and the artists will answer questions live from Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

SSL includes live musical performances every other week, featuring two bands or solo artists on each episode. Brewer conducts short interviews with the artists between music performances, which provides the opportunity to discover new original music and learn about local artists.

The show is broadcast live on MHTV and Youtube. It gets remixed by Moore Media Records and rereleased on 91.5 The Mountain the same night. Brewer said the show is rebroadcast during the summer as well. 

"It's really fun to be able to collaborate with all the different co-curriculars," said Brewer. "Every single co-curricular in the broadcasting school works on SSL, so it's fun to be back with everyone and to gear up for a really exciting show."