Legends of the Dark passed from Trout Hall to SAI Office


Legends of the Dark guests are led into a stairwell on Oct. 20 by Grawn Hall.

Legends of the Dark is a Halloween-themed campus tour that brings students and community members along on a spooky adventure around North campus, while listening to scary stories told by student volunteers. 

The haunted campus tours will take place Oct. 28-30 this year. Tickets will cost $4 in advance or $5 on the night of the event. They can be purchased at the Student Activities and Involvement office.

“I called it my triple-threat program: It provides a nice alcohol-free event for the community; it’s a good networking opportunity and we raised funds for local organizations,” said Ann Krzyzaniak, the former coordinator of Legends of the Dark.

The haunted campus tour was organized by Trout Hall Council for 23 years. This year, the event is changing hands to the Office of Student Activities and Involvement because Krzyzaniak changed positions.

“It wasn’t a program that was really appropriate for Residence Life. It is more of a Student Activities and Involvement event,” said Molly Schuneman, assistant director of Fraternity and Sorority Life in the SAI office.

The past three years, all of the funds went to the Isabella County Restoration House, but this year, funds raised from ticket sales will pay for supplies for the event. Schuneman said SAI still plans on donating the leftover funds from the event to a local nonprofit organization.

Macomb senior Madison Thayer, a Hall Council Adviser in the Robinson and Calkins Community, first got involved with Legends of the Dark as a freshman. Eventually, she teamed up with Krzyzaniak to coordinate the event.

“It ended up becoming really important to me because I see the impact that it has," Thayer said. "You see all of the people come to the event, you got to raise quite a bit of money for the ICRH and it actually helped them be able to keep their services open for another month."