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Transfer student enrollment discussed at virtual Academic Senate meeting

Executive Vice President and Provost Mary Schutten and President Bob Davies deliver the President and Provost's joint report during a virtual Academic Senate meeting April 7 in French Auditorium.

Several topics were addressed at the April 7 Academic Senate meeting, including a vote to change transfer student policy and discussion about recent announcements, such as postponed commencement and the addition of a fall break.

President Bob Davies addressed the university's challenges relating to enrollment, and more specifically, Central Michigan University's lack of transfer student enrollment.

“In every single metric when it comes to transfer students, we are, of all the 15 public universities (in Michigan), dead last,” he said.

He said according to a report from the Michigan Center for Student Success, that 0.4% of students with an associate's degree from community college finish their bachelor's degree at CMU. Davies said Grand Valley State University has 14.4%, Wayne State has 20% and Ferris State has 24%. 

In response, CMU has launched marketing campaigns directed toward transfer students and created a transfer scholarship package. 

A new transfer policy was passed at the meeting. The policy will allow incoming transfer students to transfer a wider variety of credits from other schools. The goal is to make CMU a more appealing option for transfer students. 

The policy originally said students who satisfied transfer agreements in the state of Michigan will have satisfied the University Program requirements and six credits of Writing Intensive courses.

The new policy includes more pathways for students to satisfy the University Program requirements and six Writing Intensive Credits, if the student:

  1. satisfied the State of Michigan MACRAO or MTA agreement
  2. satisfied a statewide transfer agreement
  3. completed an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science
  4. completed an associate's degree in an applied or professional discipline that has a program at CMU.


  • A fall wellness break was added to the academic calendar for Oct. 19-20, 2020. Campus will remain open during the break and all offices, services and functions will continue uninterrupted.
  • Spring Commencement for undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees was rescheduled for the weekend of August 15, 2020. The College of Medicine's commencement ceremony is still in discussion.
  • Graduate students will be able to take advantage of the same “safety net” that is available to undergraduate students with the withdrawal deadline for classes extended through May 20.
  • The Center for Community Counseling and Development is open for sessions every Wednesday and Thursday. All sessions will be held virtually and confidentially. Email to schedule an appointment or to get more information.