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Commission gives city manager authority to make time-sensitive decisions; Island Skate Park closed


City commissioners and officials meet over Zoom to discuss city related issues on April 13, 2020.

While many people are stuck at home due to the novel coronavirus spread, city officials in Mount Pleasant are still making decisions. Here are some recent updates from the most recent city commission meeting.

City Commission April 13

City commissioners and officials met over a Zoom call to discuss city issues related to the coronavirus. A resolution that passed unanimously will:

  • Waive any late fees for utilities, and pushes the payment due dates from April 15 to May 15.
  • Stop charging residents for curbside recycling pickups.
  • Give the city manager the authority to make time-sensitive decisions as the pandemic continues. City Manager Nancy Ridley said she would notify the commission about these decisions and would have the commissioners confirm the decisions in the following city commission meeting.

“Manger Ridley has done a really great job directing the city over the past few weeks in unprecedented and chaotic times,” Mayor Will Joseph said. “Approving this shows we have all the confidence in her and trust that she’s going to do the best for the city.”

The city is continuing to monitor which of its services is essential, Ridley said. As of right now, spring leaf pickup is still scheduled for the week of April 27 to protect the city’s storm drain systems. The city is also discussing having another pickup after the state’s stay home, stay safe order is lifted, so residents will have access to that service. The city is also discussing how to handle the backlog of housing licensing inspections.

A public hearing was set on May 26 for the proposed 2020-2026 capital improvement plan. This document plans city projects that would exceed $20,000 and last more than 10 years. Ridley said the plan would be approved in June and might need to be amended after as the city learns more about its future financial situation. The meeting was approved in a unanimous vote.

Other City Updates

Last week, the city closed down the Island Park Skate Park indefinitely. City Director of Public Relations Darcy Orlik said it was shut down because people were not following the social distancing measure of staying six feet away from each other. All other city parks and playgrounds are currently open, she said.

According to a press release from the city, the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market will be canceled through the month of May, along with the Parks and Recreation Meeting scheduled on April 28 due to a lack of business.