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SGA elects Prebelich, Houle, Ogungboye administration

Flyer promoting the candidacy of the Prebelich-Houle-Ogungboye campaign for SGA's 2020-21 administration. Courtesy of Prebelich Houle 2020.

Following a digital campaign and a four-day voting period, press secretary Kaitlyn Prebelich and membership director Brett Houle were elected next year’s president and vice president of Central Michigan University’s Student Government Association on Friday, April 3.

Special events committee chair Boluwatife Ogungboye, who campaigned with Prebelich and Houle, was elected treasurer.

The core goals of Prebelich and Houle’s administration, as outlined in their campaign, include establishing an Equity and Inclusion Officer position in their cabinet in conjunction with the Multicultural Academic Student Services office and a fraternity and sorority liaison in SGA’s cabinet. 

They also intend to continue the work Prebelich began with her resolution to create a paid staff position dedicated to civic engagement, and will preside over SGA’s centennial anniversary.

Prebelich and Houle sent each other texts throughout the day counting down to midnight, when the voting period ended, and Prebelich spent Friday night playing board games with her family to keep her mind off her nerves.

When the results were announced, the candidates erupted with joy from their separate quarantines.

“Brett and I immediately Facetimed each other screaming,” Prebelich said. “In these difficult and uncertain times, that moment was absolute pure joy.”

“When we saw the results our entire house exploded with cheering,” Houle said. “Honestly, it was a refreshing change to be able to take our mind off of things such as being quarantined, even if it was just for the night.”

“I was in my room alone, anxiously waiting for the results, and when I got the email all I could do was thank God and cry,” Ogungboye said.

Current President Jake Hendricks and Vice President Lyndi Rose voiced their satisfaction with the election process and their support for the new administration.

“The elections went very well,” Hendricks said. “We did not see a dip in voter enthusiasm, which demonstrates that even in difficult times students are paying attention to elections in order to select candidates that best represent their views.”

“[Prebelich, Houle and Ogungboye] are the most deserving, hard working, and more importantly, committed individuals to be taking over the office. I’m honored to be passing the gavel on to Vice President Brett Houle,” Rose said.

Prebelich and Houle ran against two other tickets of candidates. Sen. Brandon McDonald ran for president alongside running mate Senate Leader Josh Moody, and Turning Point USA president Lauryn Gibas ran with Leadership Institute member Lauren Hendersen.

The new administration will be inaugurated over a WebEx livestream at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 9.