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City Commission pass resolution in support of requiring face masks

The Mount Pleasant City Commission met virtually via Zoom on July 13.

Mount Pleasant City Commissioners passed a resolution in support of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive order requiring face coverings in public indoor places.

The resolution states, "The City Commission supports Executive Order 2020-147 requiring wearing of face coverings in any indoor public space and when outdoors and unable to maintain a distance of six feet or more from individuals who are not members of the same household."

At the beginning of the July 13 meeting, Vice Mayor Amy Perschbacher requested consideration of a resolution in support of Whitmer's executive order and for it to be added to the agenda. The requirement of approval from five commissioners was met, 6-1, and it was added to the consent agenda.

The resolution in support of Governor Whitmer's executive order

"I know that this has already gone down, this is an executive order and we have to follow this," Perschbacher said. "The reason I suggest this solution is because this helps everyone understand that the city is going to do what they can to help our residents maintain health and lower our numbers of COVID positive cases. I think this just gives everyone the understanding that we are for this, we want everyone to be healthy and wearing your mask is important."

City Manager Nancy Ridley emphasized that the resolution encourages individuals to adhere to the executive order, both on the personal and business levels.

From the start, Commissioner Petro Tolas stated his disapproval of the resolution. 

"No. 1, I think it is unconstitutional," Tolas said. "The second point is that before all businesses in town, or most of them, required you to wear a mask or they wouldn't allow you to enter." 

Tolas mentioned how he doesn't believe law enforcement will spend time enforcing masks and that it will fall on business owners to require it in fear of their license being revoked.

Commissioner Mary Alsager said she believes it important to support Whitmer and mask wearing.

With all Commissioners besides Tolas on board, the resolution was passed 6-1.

"I think the governor has been doing her best to lead the state toward bringing a flattened curve of infection," Mayor Will Joesph said. "The recent round of infections over the last few weeks has brought a lot of concern to peoples' minds and has also been the root cause of some businesses not being able to open their doors.

"Obviously, as we move toward the school season those concerns are heightened with our young children and even our students at Central Michigan University and other universities."

The City Commission meeting can be viewed on the City's YouTube Channel.