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Highly intoxicated woman arrested for assaulting ex-boyfriend


A Mount Pleasant Police Department car sits outside Walmart on Dec. 12.

The following incidents were among those handled by Mount Pleasant Police Department from July 18 to July 26

July 18

Officers were called at 5:45 p.m. because a personal protection order had been violated. An ex-husband was calling his ex-wife with his grandmother’s phone. The ex wife had filed a personal protection order against the ex-husband which states he was not to have any contact whatsoever with her. The ex-husband had accidentally left a voicemail after calling the ex wife, and she was able to identify the voice as her ex-husband and his grandmother. This case was then sent to the prosecutor’s office for review.

July 20

Officers were called to a house on High Street around 10 p.m. because of a stolen vehicle. When officers were investigating this complaint, another call came in of a reckless driver with the matching description of the stolen vehicle. Officers were then able to locate the vehicle and confirm that it was the stolen vehicle. The 32-year-old Montague man was pulled over and taken into custody. The driver claimed that he didn’t remember stealing the car and admitted to being under the influence of heroin. The vehicle was returned to the owner and the driver was arrested for motor vehicle theft and taken to Isabella County Jail.

July 21

Officers were called to an apartment on Eastwood Drive at 10:30 a.m. for a possible assault between neighbors. A man believed that his girlfriend was in his neighbor’s apartment and when the boyfriend accused his neighbor, they got into an argument and the neighbor started physically attacking the boyfriend. When officers arrived, they arrested the 32-year-old Mount Pleasant man for assault and battery.

Officers were called at 5:23 p.m. to a house on High Street for a possible domestic assault. When officers arrived, an ex-girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend had been arguing outside. The woman was ordered not to have contact with the man, but the woman found the man and accused him of having a relationship with another woman. The woman then hit the man several times and also grabbed him by the neck. Upon further investigation it was found that the woman was highly intoxicated with a blood alcohol content of 0.33 percent, which is more than three times the legal limit. The 28-year-old Mount Pleasant woman was then arrested for domestic violence and taken to Isabella County Jail.

July 24

An officer observed an intoxicated driver at 2:10 a.m. The man had staggered out of a bar and got into the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Other bar patrons saw this and told him that an officer was parked just down the road. The man then got out of the car, walked around the corner to look for the police, then walked back to his car and took off driving. The officer saw that the driver could not keep his vehicle in the lane, so he stopped him. The officer conducted a sobriety test on the driver and he failed. The man then refused to use the breathalyzer. The 21-year-old Mount Pleasant man was then arrested for operating while intoxicated and was cited for refusal of preliminary breath test.