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Freshman lives in same dorm room as alumna mother


 (Courtesy Photo) Flint freshman Deja Ragland and mother, LaNé.

Flint freshman Deja Ragland’s mother, LaNé, had flashbacks to her freshman year while moving her daughter into the same residence hall room in Troutman Hall that she once lived in.

As a Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd M. Cofer (MAC) Scholar, it was expected that Deja would live in Troutman Hall. In the summer, Deja and her mother, who was a freshman in 1996, found out that her housing assignment was for the same exact room. 

“When I found out she was going to be in Troutman Hall, I thought it was going to really exciting. It was nostalgic for me that she was going to be at least in my hall that I was in back in 1996, when I was a freshman," LaNé said. "When we found out that it was the same exact room, it was mind-blowing."

It was shocking to Deja that she would be staying in the same room her mother had once stayed in by coincidence. 

“It was more like – Wow. My mom was actually here. I am in the same room my mom was before she had me. I belong here," Deja said. "I feel much closer to CMU while being here.” 

LaNé said that it was rewarding to see Deja off to college. The experience was scary and calming in the same breath.

“As a parent, and you have a child that is going up to school you know that they are continuing on your legacy in some regard," LaNé said. "When you have a child chose to go to your school, or play your sport, or choose anything, like the field you went into, its like I did something right.” 

Courtesy Photo