EDITORIAL: Inauguration Day was only one step in the right direction


Courtesy Photo : Joe Biden with his wife, Jill.

Wednesday, many people took a breath of fresh air as the 46th President of the United States placed his hand over his family Bible and swore to protect the Constitution of the United States.

Electing a new president didn’t solve the problems that have taken root in our country and for hundreds of years were left to fester. However, if willing, President Joe Biden can be a vehicle of change we so desperately need. 

This past year, we saw the culmination of social division incited by a president whose goal was to cater to his radical base. The actions that will be taken these next few months by President Biden’s administration will say a lot about the direction of this country. 

During Donald Trump’s presidency, we learned a lot about ourselves, our families and our friends. It tore us apart and kept us from having critical dialogue that would’ve improved the lives of those around us.

Those who watched the live coverage of the inauguration this week noticed a sense of togetherness that was lost during Trump’s tenure. Time will tell if that excitement and bipartisanship was sincere.

Ultimately, because of division within politics, elected officials can only do so much. As individuals, we should be making changes in our own lives. We should be impacting decisions on a local level by engaging with and listening to each other. 

It is important that, as college students, we use our situation to learn about the differences represented in this country and absorb accurate information. 

At the end of the day, Inauguration Day was only one step toward change.

It is time we all reflect and correct our wrongs. It is time to be fair to the needs of every U.S. citizen. It is time to take climate change seriously. It is time to make a better future for those that come after us.

It is about time.